The United States successfully tested a laser device for self-defense fighters

In early 2017 the US Air force SHiELD launched a project in which has begun to develop a combat laser system for the fighters. It was assumed that it will be able to deceive the enemy guidance systems, destroy already flying missiles and attack other fighters. For each of these objectives it was created three types of lasers. Recently, one of them has been successfully tested on the test site in New Mexico - laser is placed on the chassis of the towed successfully shot down several aircraft launched missiles at him.

The United States successfully tested a laser device for self-defense fighters

The test was held April 23, 2019, but it became known only now. The US military successfully tested a medium-power laser, designed for self-defense fighters - while on earth, he has successfully shot down a rocket launched from the other fighter.

In addition to this type of laser, there are two more: low and high power. The first is designed for target detection and guidance on her arms, and to deceive the enemy guidance systems. Second, increased capacity is capable of attacking and destroying enemy fighter. It is assumed that their tests, too, will be held in the near future. Laser installation is planned to strengthen the existing fighters. Military particularly interested in this technology, since the laser can be a weapon with "unlimited" supply of and the lowest cost single shot. It is also believed that he would be able to hit targets both subsonic and supersonic speeds.

Develops laser system has been the American company Lockheed Martin. Recall that in 2018 it introduced the exoskeleton, which is able to make US troops more hardy. Read about it can be in our material.

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