Pilots will teach in virtual reality

At the time, the appearance of special simulators much easier (and make cost-effective) trained pilots who could fulfill the basic techniques to realistic simulation, and only then get behind the wheel of the aircraft. However, the US military decided to go ahead and collected to carry out initial flight training of cadets of military aviation schools with the help of virtual reality.

Pilots will teach in virtual reality

, the US Army had to take these steps due to the acute shortage of pilots in the Army Aviation, says the publication Aviation Week. Management believes that it will significantly reduce the time for initial training. Initially, students will learn the helicopter unit and the location of the controls in a virtual reality. Then, after passing a special test, they will be able to get the initial helicopter management skills.

Using VR military wants to issue 1, 3000 of new pilots a year. The first experiment for the introduction of new technology has already been carried out in 2018: while 13 out of 20 students have successfully completed a full training course in just 4 months. It is worth noting that we are not talking about pilots the Air Force and the US Navy - they will continue to develop skills on the simulators and real aircraft. Army Aviation provides reduced requirements for pilots for their accelerated training. Complete helicopter pilot training in the US Army takes one year.

Now the main thing that the successful experience of army aircraft not used in training pilots for civil aviation and the air force. Otherwise the safety of such operations will be under question still yet even the most realistic simulator is no substitute for a real cockpit.

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