Big Bang could create a "mirror Antiuniverse" of our universe

Big Bang could produce not only our universe. Our universe may be a mirror image of the "anti-universe", the time which flows in the opposite direction, and the space is reversed. This statement was made by Canadian physicists from the Institute of Theoretical Physics Perimeter, proposed a new cosmological model, which assumes the existence of anti-universe, coupled with our universe, which generally supports the fundamental rule of CPT-symmetry.

Big Bang could create a

The standard cosmological models tell us that the universe is composed of space, time and mass / energy, appeared about 14 billion years ago, has since expanded and cooled, resulting in the formation of subatomic particles, atoms, stars and planets .

However, Neil Turok of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (Ontario, Canada) believes that the relationship of all these models of specific parameters is not possible to use them as a canon. One such parameter, in his opinion, is a short period of expansion of the universe, known as inflation. And for her, little is known. Therefore, together with a colleague Latham Boyle Turk decided to develop a model of the universe, which could explain all of the observed phenomena, based only on the known particles and fields. The scientists set out to find out whether the universe can go beyond the Big Bang. The simulation results have shown that this is possible. Response was to suggest that the universe as a whole is subject to the rule of CPT-symmetry. This fundamental principle requires that any physical process remained unchanged, if time and space are reversed, and the particles are replaced by antiparticles. Turk argues that this does not apply to our universe, where time moves forward with the expansion of space, and matter much more than antimatter.

Big Bang could create a

In the CPT-symmetry of the universe time runs backwards from the Big Bang, but antimatter prevails over substance

In a study published in the journal Physical Review Letters (press release published on the website Physics World), the scientists propose symmetry model, consisting of a pair of "anti-universe-the universe." According to this model, in the anti-universe time stretches back from the events of the Big Bang, it is also expanding, but in the past, not the future, but instead of ordinary matter it is dominated by antimatter.

The researchers admit that their model is in need of significant improvement. At the same time, it compares favorably with other models, such as inflation, since the ability to answer some questions without additional quantum fields.

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