USB-C will identify "their" chargers

USB-C is improving and will soon start to protect smartphones - including viruses. Upcoming smart phones can start learning designed specifically for these chargers. To date, mobile devices - mainly smartphones - play in people's lives a huge role. They are used not only for entertainment and companionship, but also in the workplace. And that means - looking for new ways to protect data even at the level of the compound itself. It is about this method and reported on the web.

USB-C will identify

Connectors USB-C has found a very wide application. Although in many applications in 2018 used the old port microUSB, it is assumed that a new USB-C is in 2019 almost everywhere, believes Viktor Hristov (Victor Hristov), ​​examining the pages important improvement one of the most important modern technologies for users .

USB Type-C will allow to charge the device only in an authorized charging

Users will appreciate the very message that the USB Implementers Forum, USB organizations to develop innovations launched authentication program - USB Type-C Authentication Program, which helps users to protect their devices against data leakage, viruses, and other threats. It should be noted that the new protocol under review does not include the new standards immediately. It is rather a guide for device manufacturers, which they will follow in the production of their new products. It describes a method of authentication based on cryptography, designed for mobile and battery charger with USB-C support.

The new protocol is the basic foundation, providing a path through which the mobile device or battery performs validation of compounds at the time of this connection. In practice, this means that only authorized phone chargers can be charged. The new approach will also be used by enterprises to access restrictions, allowing it to carry out only proven device with USB-C. And this, of course, can significantly improve the safety of the use of devices.

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