Intelligence Google - Samsung TVs

Despite the emergence of many new devices - PCs, smartphones and tablets - TVs continue to be valid. But modern TV is also becoming more and more like a computer. The software extends the functionality of these, for many decades, have become familiar in any interior devices. Soon will start the New Year, and for him - the exhibition CES 2019 which, perhaps, will see the new Samsung TVs light, which finds a use of one of the most innovative Google technologies. Sound will also adapt to the peculiarities of the room.

Intelligence Google - Samsung TVs

The Samsung TVs in 2019 will find favor with Google Assistant. On this, referring to Variety, says Jon Porter (Jon Porter) pages resource Recalling that today in Samsung TVs have a voice assistant proprietary companies - Bixby.

Samsung TVs - with Google Assistant

New TVs from the South Korean tech giant will be better to play a sound, adapting it to the room. To date it is not known exactly how will Google Assistant to work in Samsung TVs. According to this report, the functionality will be similar to the already known on the LG TVs, which support two voice assistants was added in 2018 - Google Assistant and Alexa. Voice neporedstvenno assistants may be used to control the TV (e.g., to change the volume or switching the input signal). Similarly, work, and other devices with Google Assistant. In addition, with the help of a voice assistant, users can make queries, for example - check the weather. The LG TV access to voice assistant is through your own TV-in microphone or via the interface smart column.

Adding Google Assistant will be an important step for Samsung, which is the leading provider of television sets in the world market. The company aims to compete with Google and Alexa of the Amazon, placing all their devices (including - phones, smart home devices and TVs) own voice assistant Bixby, whose functionality, unfortunately, is not commensurate with the capabilities of competing software products. The ability to use Bixby in their devices has only recently become available for third-party equipment. Announced in August clever column, based on Bixby, it had still not been released.

Samsung TVs, like the Sonos and Apple HomePod, sound will adapt to the peculiarities of premises

In addition to supporting Google Assistant, the Samsung TV that the company will delight in 2019, as noted above, it is also added the ability to tailor the sound to the room in which it is played. Samsung developments concerning this are described in the company's patent applications. We are talking about "scenic and spatial audio intelligence" ( "audio scenic intelligence", "audio spatial intelligence"). The patent for the "optimize sound quality depending on the environment, for example, the size of the space and the ambient noise." Column Apple HomePod and Sonos are already doing something like that, playing a series of test sounds and analyzing how well they played in a particular room. The measurements are carried out on the basis HomePod built-in microphone column, while as to adjust the sound Sonos smartphone uses a microphone.

The new Samsung TVs at CES 2019

Although Samsung representative and not commented on examining communications is almost no doubt that the official announcement will not have to wait long. It is expected that the new line of televisions will be presented to the South Korean technology giant in January next year on the technological exhibition CES 2019 announcements of the most striking of which will be seen on the website and Telegram-news channel.