Scania transport giant develops the first hydrogen-powered truck

Development of a new electric model already very few people can be surprised. But electricity - is not the only form of alternative energy, which can be applied in practice. And recently Swedish automobile giant Scania, specializing in the production of trucks, said already hard preparing to release its first truck that runs on hydrogen fuel called Renova.

Scania transport giant develops the first hydrogen-powered truck

, a very interesting development of said one of the leaders of Scania Marita Nilsson.

"We are very interested in developing new fuel cells and their use in real-world projects. Hydrogen fuel cells are a promising technology not less than electric motors. Both of these areas make important steps towards the rejection of hydrocarbons. "

In the framework of the project on creation of Renova Scania collaborates with the Swedish Energy Agency and with the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology. But the most interesting in this project that Renova is not just a truck, a garbage truck. The head of the research group Renova Hans Zackrisson reported the following:

"The use of fuel cells that run on hydrogen, is a very attractive alternative for heavy commercial vehicles such as garbage trucks. Trucks in this respect is much more profitable than passenger cars. They benefit from all the advantages of the new form of energy, while maintaining some of the best aspects inherent to engines that run on hydrocarbons: long hours without refueling and good payload. "

It is expected that the first Scania truck with hydrogen fuel cells will be delivered in late 2019 - early 2020. For the same period is scheduled to start the first tests of the new car. Development is conducted in close cooperation with the Government of Sweden, so that, given the course of the country to improve the environmental situation, the presence of the first buyers, you can not survive.

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