New universal robot for agriculture to replace the majority of farm tools

Modern agriculture uses a lot of auxiliary machines and tools for improving production. And all this machinery requires not only care for the location and content of the fuel, but also often in the possession of special skills to operate it. And one of the companies in the production of robots Small Robot Company, together with experts from the University of Bristol has recently decided that it would be nice to make a universal machine for the needs of agriculture and presented a robot that can replace most of the existing agricultural tools.

New universal robot for agriculture to replace the majority of farm tools

Contrary to the name of the developer, prototype turned out not at all small in size. Its height is 3 meters, and weight - 250 kilograms. And this is just a kind of "skeleton" for the plug-in modules, which can perform a variety of functions. The very same robot was named Jack.

"Costs of agriculture increased over the past 30 years, despite the fact that the income and productivity remain the same. We traveled to the UK for six months, talking with farmers about what they want, and found that they would not mind to improve their methods, but they do not have the money and technical resources. "- said one of the owners of Small Robot Company Scott Robinson.

As for the plug-in modules, they are aimed at performing a variety of tasks. For example, a module for trimming grass, sowing seeds at an optimal depth for the given conditions, to collect the maximum amount of crop land for plowing, and much more. And for their needs, experts have also developed a special version of artificial intelligence Wilma, which is perfectly versed in the various aspects of agriculture and, according to developers is at, say, the harvest "to distinguish the wheat from the wheat does not"

At the moment, Small Robot Company is awaiting approval of its patents, and is planning to enter the market in 2021. And robots will be distributed both through direct sales and rental.

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