Can a trip back in time to destroy the universe?

All we wanted to go back in time. Everybody had something that could have been done correctly, a mistake that could have been prevented, lives that could be saved, or the nightmare that I would like to razvidet. It would seem, come you back in time, and everyone in the world would immediately fell into place. First love would have been successful. Bitcoin would be purchased in time. We do not know how to go back in time, and all can go to the fact that it is not impossible.

Can a trip back in time to destroy the universe?

and the fundamental reason for this is very simple. Rights if Doc Brown from the "Back to the Future"? He believed that the time paradox can break the space-time continuum and destroy the universe. Is it at all close to reality?

Well, even if it was a fantastic assumption, but temporal paradoxes - serious thing. Let's face it.

Back to the Future

If you think about the scope of the present universe, it would seem that her appearance - it is something impossible. For 13, 8 billion years is only the visible part of her saw the face and scatter numerous particles in her possession - of the order of 10 to 90 particles.

During these interactions formed the stars and galaxies at the largest scales, there were heavy elements, organic molecules and planets (Earth, for example), which have given rise to life.

The path that has passed our planet to produce each of us was littered with extremely improbable events of the huge number of possibilities that could choose whether or not to select the universe. A small change, which was imperceptible ten years ago, like a fly buzzing in your ear, it could affect the way you will notice his future love or not. You stumble on a foot path in one of the excursions, and you could be bitten by a poisonous snake, when you were still at a tender age, unable to bear such a horror. The flow of water molecules along the shore of the ocean could mark the difference between the present day and in the afternoon, when the other bank tragically drowned child. Physicists call this phenomenon "chaos." The small difference in the initial conditions of the system can lead to very different results over time. If we were somehow able to track the history of each particle in the universe, we would find that there were specific ways to interact and have each of them a unique course of events. This path was not carved in stone; if you wanted to play a simulation of the universe for the second time, you are unlikely to get the same result.

Many of the processes in our universe is random, including the processes at a fundamental, quantum-mechanical level. Their results are inherently uncertain and almost unpredictable. In quantum physics, all that we can calculate the probability of a particular outcome, but not the result.

All this once again underscores how amazing is our universe, in which the dizzyingly large number of quantum decisions that have occurred throughout the history of the universe, formed in the picture in which you are reading this article now. The chance that the same thing will happen, even when given similar conditions and similar laws, virtually zero.

Can a trip back in time to destroy the universe?

So ​​if you are going to go back in time and change the past, you will definitely find yourself in a completely different universe. Everything is bound to be different, but at the same time there may be dire consequences.

What, for example, if you are makflaevski back to the past and to intervene in an important situation for its own existence? What if you could prevent your parents meet and fall in love with each other? Of course, you would not have happened. And yet, you obviously exist, so you can go back in time and do something that your parents do not conceiving. Similar experiments have led people to think that the journey to the past is impossible. There is the so-called "grandfather paradox", according to which the universe should not let you go back in time to kill his grandfather and prevent their own birth.

But whether it will break the space-time continuum? Whether destroy the entire universe?

Probably not. Paradoxes suggest to us that our usual way of thinking about the subject in the best case would be incomplete. But this does not mean that the consequences will be so grim that the space-time tear or destroy the universe. Perhaps, in the universe there will be something else, what we do not know for sure.

And any physicist will tell you that the most likely outcome of this thought experiment does not become catastrophic paradox. Based on our understanding of the laws of physics, it is possible to identify two potentially possible solutions.

The first is to say that the past can not be rewritten, and it is set in stone. But this assumption does not cancel the possibility of traveling back in time. Imagine that you found out that your friend will be something terrible and you have to go back in time to warn him. You get in a time machine, go back, to warn others and jump back to the future.

It seems to be a good plan, huh?

Well, in such a scenario, what was meant to be, it has already happened. Your friend would remember that he had received your alert in the past and would be ready for the inevitable. You have turned back, have done what they wanted, and would jump into the future. All of this has happened before, as you understand, because the events that are taking place now, for you have already occurred in the past of the universe.

Can a trip back in time to destroy the universe?

In accordance with this first scenario, it turns out, a way out of the paradox is to realize that all you want to do and all that you do, by going back in time, has already happened. The fact that the universe has reached its present state, is explained, in particular, the actions that you have taken at every step of its existence, including your travel time.

So you, in fact, give up the ability to change the universe through their actions. You are well aware that today's actions that you take, are of great importance for tomorrow's results. If you go to work, punch their boss or zaplyvete by car to the sea, the consequences would be enormous. But if you go back in time and do everything there, the consequences of those actions have already been predetermined. This is inconvenient and disturbing thought.

The second way - to assume that the past is not carved in stone, and your every action counts. The universe, which exists today will not be tied to their current state, if you go back into the past. In this case, any action that you take, will create a new, alternative history of the universe. You can kill your grandfather before your parents are conceived; You can interfere with parents to meet; kill Hitler before the Second World War or kill Brutus to Caesar's fall.

In short, you can change history.

Can a trip back in time to destroy the universe?

In this case, the only things you have to give is the fact that the universe in which you live, will be the same after you break past and decide to return to it. Your actions can change the future, but at what cost: all that will happen after your tricks in the past, will be recorded in a new, alternative history. The universe that you know, has not been written or recorded in the form of the universe, you are no longer engaged. And where did you get all the future will unfold differently. And in this new future, you might not even be born. You just came at a time when profits from his journey to the past. You will literally visitor from another universe.

We do not yet understand the true nature of our reality to the fullest. We do not know whether our observable universe, with its rules of quantum mechanics, one of a kind, or there are many other, parallel universes. Many theories. We do not know whether or not our universe is deterministic; although quantum physics confidently say that there may be loopholes. We do not know whether the past carved in stone or water wears away the stone.

Traveling back in time is definitely mathematically possible. But if they can physically? No one knows.

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