Chinese factory will allow robots to create their own kind

Factories for the production of robots exist in many countries. The intention to launch a project on the creation of mechanisms of fighting in 2017 stated even representatives of the Russian Foundation for Advanced Studies. Be that as it may, the leader in manufacturing robotics is still China. Local companies produce robots not only for his country but also for the sales organizations of the other points of the planet. According to Reuters, another robotic plant will be in China, in which robots will be working side by side with humans.

Chinese factory will allow robots to create their own kind

The new plant will be built by the Swiss company ABB, which produces various equipment ranging from electrical to industrial robots. Its location will land near the company's robotics campus in Shanghai, as China is the second most important market after the United States ABB. To build facilities already allocated $ 150 million.

The area of ​​the future plant will be about 7000 square meters. It will be equipped with special software that will allow industrial robots work alongside humans. To assemble robots YuMi will involve small parts, one of which in 2017 acted as a conductor in the human symphony orchestra. The robots will be produced for use in China, and for import into other Asian countries. According to ABB, in 2017 one-third produced by the robot went to China. In total, the country has acquired 138,000 units of robotic mechanisms. High demand linked to rising costs of labor - many companies are trying to automate processes.

Robots perform tasks of the human now. In May 2018 the streets of the city of Mountain View, California began to drive robotic couriers company Starship Technologies. In June, in coffee shops Cafe X San Francisco appeared robots coffee.

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