The head of Virgin Galactic in the coming months will fly into space

The company Virgin Galactic, aimed at the market of space tourism services becomes ever closer to his cherished goal. In a recent interview to CNBC, CEO, British billionaire Richard Branson announced that Virgin Galactic is "closer than ever to the first suborbital flight." According to Branson, on tourist flight market has a great demand, so he and his company seek as soon as possible to find a way to satisfy it.

The head of Virgin Galactic in the coming months will fly into space

According to Branson, the first manned suborbital flight SpaceShipTwo spaceplane, developed by his company, to be held in the coming weeks, and soon he himself would fly into space.

"We have to go into space in the next few weeks, rather than months. Then I'll fly into space in the next few months, not years. And soon after that we can send into space of others. The next couple of months will be very exciting for us, "- said Branson.

On the question of whether, in its opinion, sufficient demand for suborbital or orbital tourist flights, the head of Virgin Galactic said:

"If it is now in the room with me were 10 people, eight of them have expressed a desire to go into space, provided that it is they can afford. I think that many would like to be an astronaut and flew into space. And we need to build as many ships, so that we can meet this demand ", - the businessman said.

Previously, it was reported that the company has sold more than 650 tickets. Moreover, among bought tickets for suborbital flight contains the names of celebrities. Among those who have expressed a desire to go into orbit on the ship were Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie.

Tickets for suborbital journey on board the spacecraft SpaceShipTwo company Virgin Galactic will be costly. Who wants to admire the views of the Earth from a height of 100 kilometers and will have to pay his own pocket about 250 000 dollars. On the question of whether Branson sees prospects for reducing the cost, he said that the "ideal" in the next 10 years I would like to see a reduction in the cost of tourist suborbital flights up to about 40-50 thousand dollars for a ticket.

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