It created a programming language for the biochemical reactions

In Pharmacology and Biochemistry of the main difficulty often lies in the fact that many of the reactions and their derivatives, although it can be predicted to build the structure of the desired material with the desired properties "from scratch" is still quite difficult. To do this, it would be nice to develop a method that would allow to consider many biochemical factors. And perhaps soon chemists to develop substances will "program" them with a special programming language created specifically for this purpose.

It created a programming language for the biochemical reactions

is responsible for the development team of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, and the "programming language for chemists" was named CRN ++. As stated by one of the developers of the new language Marco Vas,

"The main purpose of our study was to develop a high-level language that could express the course of chemical reactions. Look, when creating the program the programmer wrote it in a language that is easy to understand the man. And if the other person in this code - the result is likely to be the same. At the same time translated into a sequence of zeros and hassle-code units is played back on the computer and will give the desired result, but people have to disassemble the machine code is unlikely to. With biochemical language, things are about the same. "

It created a programming language for the biochemical reactions

Compiler and results simulatsii for CRN ++ program

The sequence encoded by the algorithms and their descriptions when using the code understandable to man, and he can easily make changes to it, find bugs and get the output result without resorting to lengthy calculations.

"We offer a programming language that fits all types of chemical reactions. At the same CRN ++ language is open source, so that scientists can make it their amendments and improve the language as they need to. "

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