It launched the most ambitious mission to clean up the ocean of plastic garbage

the world's oceans with plastic waste pollution in recent times is a growing concern among environmentalists. This poses a threat not only to the survival of marine species, but also for the whole planet. And just this weekend at the Port of Los Angeles will start an ambitious mission to clean up the world's oceans.

It launched the most ambitious mission to clean up the ocean of plastic garbage

According to available data, today in the world ocean waters floating about 350 million tons of plastic waste. The main problem with plastic rubbish is that it is extremely heterogeneous and small. And it is very difficult to collect. To solve this problem, scientists have thought that a good solution would be to install barriers, to help concentrate the plastic in one place in order to then collect it. With this purpose, one of the Los Angeles port a ship Ocean Cleanup with more than 600 meters of light waterfowl pipes on board.

"For the first time such a device to be tested is not in the lab, but in the real world. And if the experiment is successful - we have a real opportunity to get rid of the "plastic plague." - said the project developers

On the pipes there are special funds to attract and collect dust. It must fall within these "traps" and settle there, and then only need to produce his collection. With all the advantages, there are at the moment the project and some "white spots". For example, it is still not clear how the device will affect the existence of marine life or the way of the pipe "will survive" the storm.

"We are confident that in case of success with our tehnolgii can be removed from the ocean up to half of all plastic waste for 5 years, and by 2040, the World Ocean will be clear already at 90%."

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