The US announced the creation of "cosmic forces" in 2020. We are waiting for a symmetrical response?

US Vice President Mike Pence appeared before Congress and stated the need to allocate $ 8 billion on the development of space power and space security over the next five years. What for? Pence said China and Russia for potential threats to US satellites, making it necessary to build a military capable of giving an answer. "Creation of cosmic forces - an idea whose time has come," Pence said.

Together with a pension at the Pentagon, the Minister of Defense James Mattis, the eve of the presentation of the plan of implementation of the cosmic forces in the Ministry of Defense. Citing the words of Donald Trump, were two months ago, Pence said that the group would be "separate and equal to the other five branches of" military forces.

The US announced the creation of

Why the US space forces? They are going to fight in space?

That all was in motion, Pence suggests a detailed plan in four phases:

  • Create a single supervisory authority - the United States Space Command - to the end of the year, the benefit of which is to protect America's interests in space.
  • To form an elite group of fighters - Space special forces. This will include people from other military units.
  • Create Space Development Agency for the rapid creation of new space defense technology.
  • Establish clear accountability chain to create a new branch of the military until 2020. Assistant Secretary of Defense for business space defense - civil position will be created.

If you introduce the people who are fighting in space, get rid of the sight immediately - offered only to create a ground force to protect American satellites. Ultimately, however, the decision on the establishment of the cosmic forces will fall on the shoulders of Congress, who will have to approve their creation and sign funding.