Hamas is deceiving Israeli soldiers feykovye application for Me

The armed forces of Israel said that the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas has created several fake web application for Android, which are designed to collect data from smartphones. Group tries to force Israeli soldiers to install these applications and to take possession of confidential information.

Hamas is deceiving Israeli soldiers feykovye application for Me

Hamas creates feykovye accounts in social networks, which are used for communication with Israeli soldiers. Most often under the guise of young women members of the group are overwritten with the soldiers and offer them to install an application for Me GlanceLove. Other fake web application called the Golden Cup. It displays the results of sporting events.

After installing the application on a smartphone, it runs the malicious code and beginning to collect information on a smartphone from his memory, as well as a camera and a microphone. The information it sends to Hamas. Such actions the armed forces of Israel have discovered in the last year. Whereas more stringent rules on the use of social networks by employees were introduced. In addition, it opened a hotline for men concerned about attempts to crack.

This year, Israel was forced to update its policy on the use of social networks by military personnel. To provide training for soldiers, helping them to identify attempts to collect confidential information.

According to the head of Information Security Department of Israel, security is not affected, and most of the soldiers were able to identify malicious activities and report them to management. It revealed a whole cell of Hamas, which is instructed to use the social network to deceive the soldiers and to gather information.