The first word a child was "Alex": that voice assistants do with kids

Lottie Ledger & Mark Brady of the UK informed the agency Caters news that their year-old child said his first word. It sounds like "Alex", and the word he said before, "Mom" or "Dad." As you might guess, was the name of the voice assistant of the company Amazon, which is built into the Echo device.

The first word a child was

The parents initially thought it was funny. Their son, Joe talked with the device in the house of the grandparents. Apparently, it was the most actively Alexa replied the child.

When the news spread through the world with the help of New York Post, many perceived the situation is not so harmless. Immediately reminded of videos on YouTube and Facebook, where children actively interact with Alexa, and other voice assistants. Parents began to reflect on the impact of these products in the future of their children.

Alexa for children in terms of Amazon's

Of course, Amazon in this case are satisfied. The company has even released a special version of Echo Dot devices for children. The possibilities of this device are limited. In addition, it comes in a bright and attractive colors for children. Echo Dot children can read books and even automatically filter profanity in the songs. The difference is that you can not buy with the help of the children's unit anything.

The first word a child was

So grow later users of products and services Amazon. In the future, the children who talked of his childhood with the voice assistant will use them much more active, including for purchases that Amazon is extremely important. Siri has been around for almost 7 years, but many users of Apple devices is still not used to it. Our children will be accustomed to, if the house will be equipped with devices such as Amazon Echo.

Alexa for children with a user's point of view

If the first word of a little boy really was a voice assistant's name, it is quite disturbing. Let us not forget that the voice assistants not only give us information, but also to collect it. They collect it in order to give us the information that may be of interest to us. This is how online advertising works today. But if we want to Amazon or Google shows ads to our children, that the children will be happy to see or hear?

Another question - whether glad our children are grown up to what companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook have started to collect data on them before they really learned to speak. It is no secret that large technology companies with a certain period started to get a lot of information about us. Nevertheless, our childhood is left untouched. Today we can hardly give something like that to a new generation, and in some cases, Amazon will know about the child more than his parents know.