Founder of WhatsApp would not weaken the encryption and threw his product

Founder of the popular messenger WhatsApp Facebook is leaving the company. This was reported in the Washington Post, and later Jan Koum and he wrote about his departure on a personal page. The Washington Post called the main reason for such a decision of Jan Kuma inability to accept the weakening of the data collection and encryption of user data in WhatsApp.

Founder of WhatsApp would not weaken the encryption and threw his product

Kum Yang became a billionaire when he and the second co-founder Brian Acton sold WhatsApp messenger of Facebook for $ 19 billion. It was in 2014, and has since worked in Yang Kum Facebook and was responsible for WhatsApp. In addition, he took a seat on Facebook's board of directors.

It is currently known that Kum leaves his post. Facebook has not commented on the question of whether there will be a place for them on the board. It is worth noting that the news comes just days before the start of the conference for the F8 developers pursued by Facebook. It is believed that Jan Koum could not accept the weakening of WhatsApp security, and this forced him to leave his post. At the moment, he does not consider positions in other companies. Founder of WhatsApp devote their time collection of rare cars Porsche and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

In response to a farewell post Jan Kuma Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote the following:

"I am grateful for all your efforts, which have helped to unite the world, and for all that you have taught me, including encryption, which is able to take power away from centralized systems and return it in the hands of people. It will always be in the heart of WhatsApp ".