Russian scientists offer to clean water, "exploding" it

Every day the world is running out of natural water bodies, the water that would be suitable for drinking without further purification. Furthermore, "work out your" in the production of water also needs to be cleaned before disposal. Therefore, the development of methods of filtration and removal of impurities - is quite a promising development, and not so long ago, scientists from the School of Engineering Energy Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) offered quite trivial method of purifying water by the explosive destruction of drops.

Russian scientists offer to clean water,

The first results have already been published in the edition of the International Journal of Thermal Sciences, and the studies themselves were due to be sponsored presidential grants for young scientists and doctors. As the press service of the TPU,

"Science Engineering School team teplomassoperenosa Energy laboratory simulation of processes TPU proposed a new method for the purification of industrial waste water and drinking water from harmful, including toxic and combustible impurities, by the explosive destruction of droplets. The proposed technology will purify water quality and relatively inexpensive. "

In the water purification it is converted into an emulsion by adding a water insoluble liquid, as well as in suspension, adding crushed solid impurities. Emulsions and suspensions are injected into a heating chamber where there is an abrupt heating to 300-500 degrees. The pressure drop causes an explosive destruction of interfaces, and the process proceeds in a chain reaction. Because of this there is a rapid separation of the substrate by the impurity and clean water. According to the head of Paul Stryzhak project,

"When heated, water evaporates and incombustible impurities precipitate. At the same time fuel - burn. Water vapor condenses and we get purified water. We managed to implement stable explosive crushing drops for a group of non-uniform in composition and structure of liquids. "