The construction of the first heavy carrier rocket series "Angara"

Space Center Khrunichev started manufacturing the first carrier rocket heavy class "Angara-A5" to carry out scheduled for 2021 launch from the cosmodrome "East". This was reported by RIA "Novosti" with reference to the representative of the Directorate of Space Communications Center.

The construction of the first heavy carrier rocket series

"Getting Started with subcontractors for the manufacture and supply of materials, semi-finished and purchased components for the assembly of the carrier rocket" Angara-A5 "," - he explained to the agency.

The contract to build the first three rockets "Angara-A5" was signed between "Roskosmos" and the Khrunichev Center at the end of 2015. The arrangements include the development, manufacture and flight tests of carriers. Assembly of the first "Angara-A5" to be completed by May 2021, the second - in 2024, and the third - in 2025. The first launch is scheduled for the period from August to December 2021.

As it became known last year, with the "East" in 2021 will be an upgraded version of the missile launch "Angara-A5Ms" rather than the usual "Angara-A5". The upgraded version of the carrier is to get the rocket engines with increased thrust by 10%, on-board systems based on domestic element base, and a number of structural differences, aimed at reducing the weight of the rocket and the cost of its production. To work on the modernization of the carrier rocket launched at the beginning of March this year. Boosters series "Angara" are environmentally friendly, since their engines run on kerosene and oxygen without the use of highly toxic heptyl. The whole family is designed on a modular type and comprises four classes of rockets (from mild to severe - "Angara-A1.2", "Angara-A5", "Angara-A5Ms" and "Angara-A5V") with load capacity from 3 ton to 8 35 tonnes for launches from the cosmodrome "Plesetsk", and in the future - with the "East".