Tesla Model X driver crushed to death in Mountain View

And again at the center of a tragic accident turned out to be a car Tesla, and again, the company is the focus for security reasons. Driver Model X was killed after his SUV collided with an electric fence on the 101-m Highway in Mountain View to meet with the other two vehicles. As a result, half of the incident Model X was shattered and the battery lights up. incident witnesses reported seeing a ball of fire at the crash site. Tesla sent his staff to investigate the incident.

Tesla Model X driver crushed to death in Mountain View

While it is not clear whether the crash involved the autopilot, and to what extent the blame on the battery. Explosions on the roads occur regardless of what fuel the car uses the victim. Tesla has not yet commented on the incident, but the California Highway Patrol said that the battery can play a big role.

Whatever the cause, the accident underscores the uncertainty associated with the safety of electric vehicles, especially in regard to the introduction of autonomous functions. No one has really do not understand how to respond to accidents involving electric vehicles, and possibly autonomous propulsion system will be not less than the emergency than those managed by men, but for different reasons.

Here is the scene on Highway 101S in #MountainView where a #Tesla caught on fire pic.twitter.com/ksnidlFgsw

- Dean C. Smith (@DeanCSmith) March 23, 2018

In July last year, after the activation of driver assistance functions car Tesla 2016 release overclocked, he slid off the road and landed in a swamp. The driver was "grateful to the autopilot for the fact that no one was seriously hurt." Once it became known about the incident, the company's shares fell 4, 4%. And yet, according to research by the National Traffic Safety autopilot company reduces accidents by 40%. Musk himself believes that it would be unethical to cancel the launch of the autopilot, which can already save lives.