10 cases with robots who killed people

The development of robotics and automation, of course, necessary for humanity's transition to a new technological level. But, as in any other high-tech sector, there are some risks. And the rate of these risks can be very high - your life. In this we have seen the example of the recent incident with an unmanned vehicle Uber, which killed a pedestrian. The problem is compounded by the fact that the current level of development of the AI ​​does not allow soulless machines quickly and adequately determine the hazard level, and consequently, to understand - whether the person in front of him, or material with which the robot has been programmed to work.

10 cases with robots who killed people

The example of the tragedy, which resulted in under the wheels Uber drone killed a woman, not the only one. For unmanned vehicles - one, but not for the production environment, where people have to work side by side with dangerous machinery every day. In extremely dangerous situations when the cold steel faced with living flesh, the latter is always the loser.

Today we talk about ten cases of deaths from the "hand" of robots. Some examples include the rather unpleasant details, so before you begin to read it, it is advisable to remove the children from the screen. The same if you are a man of rather doubtful - better close this page and watch out nerves. We have been warned!

Joshua Brown

10 cases with robots who killed people

Joshua Brown was the first person killed in an accident involving an unmanned vehicle. The tragedy occurred May 7, 2016, when traveling on the road American town of Williston electric Tesla Model S, equipped with unmanned control system was not able to determine what is in front of him - a clear sky or turn to the right 18-wheel cargo van. Brown Vehicle flown under the central portion of the tractor as a knife in butter and out the other side in a moment. Vehicle roof with a cut taken off the road, has flown through the two fences and then crashed into a column.

10 cases with robots who killed people

After an internal investigation Tesla stated that the vehicle software, there was no error, and immediately tried to protect themselves from any accusations of this accident. In this case, the incident was publicly announced only on June 30 that is actually a month after the accident. In a published report stated that the Model S model cars traveled over 210 million kilometers away, and still there was no fatal accident, when for conventional cars, this figure an average of 150 million kilometers. The company also indicated that the autopilot system of its vehicles at the time of the accident was not perfect (complete), but because the rules clearly demanded by the driver of constant attention and presence of the hands on the steering wheel. During this 37-minute ride Brown only 25 seconds removed his hands from the steering wheel. They turned out to be his last in his life.

10 cases with robots who killed people

The investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found that neither Brown nor autopilot system before the collision did not activate the vehicle braking system. airbag electric vehicle is not opened until the until the car went off the road and drove through the bushes situated on private land. Medical experts said that Brown is likely died immediately after the car was hit by a truck.

the truck driver said that Brown was watching a movie on the "Harry Potter" in the time of the accident. Check NTSB really showed the presence of microSD-card with the film of "Harry Potter", but could not say for sure whether Brown was really distracted by watching a movie on my laptop Asus or a Chromebook, also found in the car.

Robert Williams

10 cases with robots who killed people

Robert Williams became the first person in history to be killed by a robot. The incident occurred at the Ford factory in Flat Rock, Michigan January 25, 1979. Williams was killed by a robotic arm weighing 1 ton, which struck him as he tried to get a new self-made item. The task of a robotic arm was the relaying of new parts from one place to another. However, the accumulated error in the software indicating the incorrect information on the number of pieces that were at that moment on the rack, forced Williams alone climb the ladder and get the right part. At this point, his car and killed. The investigation revealed that the cause of death of a person has become very weak safety in the enterprise, including the lack of warning beeps that would talk about the dangerous presence of man. The Company paid the victim's family $ 10 million.

The nine South African soldiers

10 cases with robots who killed people

As a result of the incident, which occurred in 2007, killing nine South African soldiers and another 14 were seriously injured. This time failure has given the installation of air defense, which opened uncontrolled fire in all directions. Killer was a computerized automatic anti-aircraft gun Oerlikon GDF-005. It was ruled by a system designed to automatically search for, capture and attack the enemy, without human intervention. Cannon even had a system of self-recharging, which in this case could make it even deadlier.

The soldiers are training at one of the bases of the North Cape Province of South Africa, when the anti-aircraft gun first jammed and then, according to witnesses, there is something exploded, and then anti-aircraft gun opened uncontrolled fire, releasing two of their trunks two hundred and fifty 35-mm high-explosive shells in the people who were close to him.

Among the reasons for the alleged "rebellion" anti-aircraft gun and was called a failure in software and mechanical problems. According to the comments of some representatives of companies engaged in the production of weapons, such an incident was not the only one, and they have already had to deal with similar situations. Just this case was the first where people were killed in this incident.

Mick Johnson

10 cases with robots who killed people

July 7, 2016 in the US city of Dallas shooting occurred fatal. On the basis of anger over the recent killing of a policeman a few black people, a wave in various US cities, Micah Johnson shot and killed five policemen and wounded nine, two of whom were civilians. First he killed three police officers around 9 pm, during another peaceful protest at the time. After that, he tried to escape to college in El Centro, where the inlet killed another police officer and took a waiting position to kill a few more police officers.

Over the next five hours, the police tried to no avail to conduct negotiations with Jones, but he did not want to surrender and threatened to blow up some bombs. Eventually the patience of the police was over, and the officers offered Johnson two choices: either he resigns and goes out with his hands up, or remain in, and in this case the police is ready to use force. Killer decided to choose the second option.

Soon the offender knew what power meant the police when they hitched briquette C4 explosives to the robot arm and sent the latter in the College underground parking, where the murderer was hiding. Machine, "sacrificing" themselves, took to hell and Johnson. It was the first time, at least in the police practice, when to remove the offender used a robot. The irony in the fact that the robot itself was intended for demining.

The police and before this incident sometimes used robots to neutralize criminals. True, in such cases, as a rule, they talked about stun and smoke grenades to the offender could have been taken alive. In addition, working with robots and train SWAT special forces, which often have to deal with terrorists. At the same time, US troops still in Iraq war used the same tactics of the insurgency.

Kenji Urad

10 cases with robots who killed people

Kenji Urad was the second victim of the robot in history, as well as the first and not the only victim who was killed by a robot arm, in Japan. The incident occurred in 1981 at the company's Kawazaki Heavy Industries in Akashi when Urad makes repair of one of the robots. As it turned out, the robot is switched off at the right time was not, he should have. Mechanical arm pushed the poor engineer to the crusher, where a man and died. In fact, it is the first time that a car killed a man with a different machine. Save the poor fellow could not - came to the rescue to the scene of the tragedy Kenji colleagues simply did not know how to turn off the grinder.

After lengthy proceedings, inspectors concluded that Urad forgot to turn off the equipment - the right switch, he still pressed. However, after he himself had accidentally hooked switch, thereby activating just shut off the device. Judging by the fact that Kenji did not stop the protection grid - which should fall automatically when the robot is in the ON mode, - switch has been turned on after Urad climbed over the fence. After the incident, manufacturers have made certain conclusions and further increased safety robot system.


10 cases with robots who killed people

The tragedy occurred in 2015 at the Volkswagen plant automaker in the German city of Baunatal. Unspeakable 21-year-old young man was part of a team of engineers who developed robot and involved installing it. The car killed its creator, after breaking to the chest after grabbed and threw a metal plate. From his injuries incompatible with life, a man died in the hospital.

The media reported that the killer robot was to be used in the engine manufacturing line. As befits the safety, the robot is inside a protective cage. At the same time it was and engineers involved in the installation and configuration of the machine. In a statement, Volkswagen has suggested that the installation can move the signal of another worker, who was at that time from the outside. Because errors robot and killed accident.

Wanda Holbrook

10 cases with robots who killed people

In July 2015 out of luck 57-year-old Wanda Holbrook, employee plant Ventra Ionia Mains in Detroit, producing parts (bumpers and trailers for trucks). At the factory Holbrooke engaged in monitoring faults on the lines. Then no one could not have imagined that the tragic accident suddenly tear off her life, and the cause of her death will be a failure in the mechanism of the robot, which is their "hands" has shattered Vande head.

Typically, the assembly line in the plant is divided into several sections, each of which robots are involved in its assembly part and presumably unable to reach the other section. We say "allegedly" because one robot somehow still did it.

As stated in the report of the commission that investigated the tragedy, "the robot's hand suddenly grabbed Wanda, by reaching the section where she worked. After that, striking and crushing his head between Wanda assembly couplers, she tried to put her head in a special device clamp. "

Workplace Wanda occupied an area of ​​800 square feet, where robots take the bumpers of trucks and welded them with metal plates. The papers wrote that she worked as if in a cage at a time when the robot arm has penetrated into its territory and pressed her head to the fixture.

What happened PE, other staff Ventra noticed only after some normal operations ceased to function the usual way. It was after that they went to the section of Vanda Holbrooke and decided to find out what happened. Holbrooke was found colleagues in an unconscious state and died 40 minutes after the accident.

The robot arm actually tried to establish Wanda's head in the special clamp for the detail, which in itself seemed highly improbable, since the clamp can not hold just two parts at the same time - at the time of the incident detail already in the clip. The husband of the deceased filed lawsuits against five companies involved in the production of the robot.

Ana Maria Vital

10 cases with robots who killed people

In 2009, the robot palletizer Golden State Foods Company factory in the industrial area of ​​Los Angeles was killed by 40-year-old Ana Maria Vital. The machine used in the process of installing the package (boxes) on the pallet (pallet).

At some point one of the boxes is stuck inside the robot, and Mary came into his cell in order to reconstruct the course of packing. Since the machine all the time has been included (why do we need safety?), The robot grabbed Ana Maria as one of the packages, with whom he worked and then just crushed her body, despite the attempts of the mechanics of its release.

Ramzhi Lal

10 cases with robots who killed people

In 2015, the 24-year-old Ramzhi Lal, who worked metal loader, was stabbed to death by one of the robots SKH Metals Company plant in the Indian city of Muncie. Robot task was to move between a welded metal sheets. One of these sheets is proved wrong, and Ramzhi tried to correct him. However, it was not sufficiently agile, and the robot arm stabbed it with a sharp edge of the sheet in the stomach. It was also reported that he was killed by electric shock.

In fact Lal did not die immediately. Eyewitnesses of the incident called an ambulance, and the man brought the hospital, where he died after 20-30 minutes. An autopsy showed that his ribs and abdomen become a real mess, and he died of extensive internal bleeding. However, no signs of shock pathologists have found. However, the police on this matter, apparently, it was his opinion. The official report stated that the cause of death was a lethal electric shock.

Regina Elsa

10 cases with robots who killed people

In June 2016, two weeks before his wedding, on the "hands" of the robot killed Regina Elsa. She was only 20 years old. The accident occurred on Ajin USA factory engaged in the manufacture of parts for Hyundai and Kia car companies.

On that fateful day, Elsa and his colleagues tried to repair a damaged robot. In fact, they should not have done that, but numerous calls in the service department have had no effect. There simply is no one answer the phone. As a result of their decision to try to repair the robot independently proved fatal for one of the employees. Robot unexpectedly rebooted and very Elsa pushed into another car, causing terrible injuries. Employee factory initially taken to the Medical Center of East Alabama, and then sent by helicopter to the trauma center in Birmingham. Unfortunately, injuries were very serious, and the next morning she died.

The incident attracted the attention of the authorities. It was found that the management of Ajin USA factory, aiming to increase profits, violated several safety protocols. Just two weeks before the incident, the US Department of Labor has put forward a claim to the enterprise in the amount of 2, 7 million dollars for violating 27 different safety regulations. The audit also revealed that Ajin USA employees are often processed. Sometimes leadership required them to work 7 days a week, seven days a week and often urged on to repair the failed robots.