Uber unmanned car knocked down a woman to death

Not so long ago, Uber, the company launched in the US testing of unmanned vehicles, which have had to be suspended due to an accident with a fatal outcome. In Arizona, an unmanned vehicle belonging to the company, got killed cyclist crossing the road. Due to injuries incompatible with life woman later died in hospital, - local media reported.

Uber unmanned car knocked down a woman to death

The collision occurred at 22:00 local time. A woman with a bicycle crossing the road from outside the crosswalk, but it ran parallel with it, is not stepping on the labeling. Behind the wheel of the car was Uber driver, but the car was in the "autopilot" mode. According to the established rules of testing, when on the road dangerous situations arise, the driver is obliged to seize control of the vehicle, taking full control of the vehicle itself, but it somehow did not happen. Other passengers in the car was not there. Chapter Uber Dara Khosrowshahi brought condolences to the relatives of the deceased and said that the company is working closely with the police and will assist in the investigation of the incident.

A year earlier, the company suspended Uber tests because that is one of her vehicle overturned during a routine maneuver. At the time, no one was hurt.

Recall that traffic accidents involving unmanned vehicles occurred in the past. In 2016, the driver died Tesla Model S, who was riding in the car with the autopilot engaged. The driver disregarded the instructions and not watching the road, as prescribed.

Press service Uber said that now testing cars with autopilot temporarily stopped in San Francisco, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Toronto.

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