"It's fantastic," Putin presented the latest Russian military development

In the course of delivering the message to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown a powerful new missile complex "Sarmat". This is a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile from a nuclear power plant and a virtually unlimited range. According to the president, the latest strategic developments have no analogues in the world.


The new intercontinental missile will replace the complex "Voivod". Her weight - 200 tons, the flight range is almost unlimited. Complex "Sarmat" is equipped with a wide range of nuclear weapons and hypersonic high-power and modern systems to overcome missile defense. Features of the new system that does not use rocket ballistic flight path, so the missile defense system is useless against it. The missile can attack both through the south, and across the North Pole.

"Since the range is not limited, it can be as much as necessary to maneuver. No missile defense system we are now is not an obstacle ", - Putin said.

The missile uses an upgraded version of the already proven in practice for the R-36M2 Russian RD-264.

National Interest experts in its analytical review believe that the possibility of missile complex "Sarmat" on the US missile defense system to overcome is not very important, because the United States have at their disposal a total of 30 missiles, the effectiveness of which is against even the old ICBM doubt an essential part of American experts. Although the US does not have a circular covering its own territory radar missile attack over the South Pole, but radars and satellites of the US nuclear attack warning system covering all the flight path for the ICBM "Sarmat", so the sudden bombardment effect with simultaneous destruction of military-political leadership and more part of US military capabilities will be avoided. Most of the NI survey focused on another point, namely the danger of mine ICBM as a weapon class for sudden nuclear escalation. Running according to warning systems for missile attack always has a certain probability of false positives that have been in the past. Also, on the other hand fear that its ICBM silo can be affected by preemptive nuclear strike leads to the fact that the parties to the conflict will run almost all of its ICBM silo at the beginning. At the same time, given the fact that the mine ICBM from Russia, all equipped with a large number of combat units, essentially impossible scenario "local nuclear war" to defeat certain military sites. Instead of the United States will suffer once the global nuclear strike by hundreds of warheads. For this reason, the United States has stopped the use of multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle on its ICBM silo to reduce the scale of a sudden nuclear escalation. National Interest Experts point out that perhaps the US does not make sense to create an analog "Sarmat", and opt out of the mine ICBMs due to their escalated the use of nature, and focus entirely on the perspective program B-21 bombers. According to NI experts, it will deprive the Russian program "Sarmat" its main purpose - such as the US ICBM silo and thereby reduce the degree of escalation of the nuclear conflict.

Chu Fuhai expert Command Military Institute of the Chinese missile forces, also believes that "Sarmat" - is primarily an offensive means of pre-emptive nuclear strikes, rather than a means of nuclear retaliation.

Underwater drones

The president also noted that the new developed in Russia underwater drones is a multiple greater than the speed submarines and torpedoes.

"It's fantastic, no one else has such weapons yet. And when there will be, our guys will come up with something new "- the president added.

Putin said that "the results of the tests have given us the opportunity to begin to build a fundamentally new type of strategic weapons equipped with nuclear warheads high power", writes Lenta.ru. In fact, here it is a question of underwater swimming apparatus "Status-6" - weapons of mass destruction, intended to destroy enemy targets economy. About ongoing in Russia under conditions of high secrecy development of such weapons was first reported in November 2015. Experts suggest that in its most lethal version of "status-6" will be a cobalt bomb capacity of about one hundred megatons, the undermining of which the US shores would create powerful tsunami, destroying major cities (New York and Los Angeles) and subsequent radiological the defeat of their territory, making them unsuitable for human life.


December 1, 2017 at the experimental combat duty in the Southern Military District went precision hypersonic aviation missile complex "Dagger". This aircraft carrier is able to deliver a missile to a target point for a few minutes. The speed of the rocket is ten times the sound. Range of activities - more than 2000 km.


In mass production entered the newest complex "Vanguard" with cruise planning unit. This system is capable of performing intercontinental flight in dense atmosphere at supersonic velocity greater than Mach number is more than 20 times. The unit works "almost in a plasma formation" like a burning fire ball.

According to Putin, "it goes to the goal, as the meteorite as a ball of fire on the surface of the temperature - 1600-2000 degrees Celsius" and "winged block thus reliably controlled." These characteristics of the complex, said the head of state, provided the use of composite materials. Earlier similar Russian developments are not officially reported.

Martial lasers

From 2017 martial laser systems entered service. Characteristics of their were not disclosed, but the president said that Russia in this matter one step ahead of other countries. In addition, the latest development of Russian missile systems make useless the US missile defense and NATO's eastward advance.

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