Proxy service for Tor Browser stole Bitcoin users

the company Proofpoint security experts conducted an investigation, during which found that the proxy service, through which you can get access to the Tor network from a standard browser, a substitute address Bitcoin wallets and behaves similar programs-extortionists Locker, Sigma and GlobeImposter .

Proxy service for Tor Browser stole Bitcoin users

Service scans uploaded through a Web portal page, looking at them lines that look like addresses Bitcoin wallets, and then replace the following lines to the malicious wallets - explained by experts from Proofpoint.

During service work analysis revealed that he is working on several substitution rules Bitcoin wallets, which clearly indicates a manual configuration for each specific site. So far identified two Bitcoin purse belonging to fraudsters running through Summary wallets contain about two Bitcoin (about 22 thousand dollars). Once the scheme has been declassified, the operators of the program was removed links to all proxies and advised users to make payments only through Tor browser.

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