14% of all stocks Bitcoins ether earned by criminal

Employees analyst firm Autonomous Research conducted a study which revealed that in the past with the advent of cryptocurrency years, hackers were able to steal more than 1, 2 billion dollars in bitkoinovom and efirovom equivalent. At the same time, the researchers report, at the end of 2017 the amount was even more impressive.

14% of all stocks Bitcoins ether earned by criminal

It seems cryptocurrency theft - a very profitable occupation, because a year it brings criminals about $ 200 million. In addition, more than 14 percent of all stocks and Ether Bitcoins currently earned gotten.

Many people believe blokcheyn superbezopasnym, but in fact in many ways it is almost as vulnerable as other software. cryptocurrency market is very immature, flowcharts are many, and each of them with their errors, and more of them, the more difficult to cover them all, study and protect - explains Matt Suyche of companies Comae Technologies, engaged blokcheyn security. kriptobezopasnosti of experts believe that the market for software, services and hardware solutions for the protection of blokcheynov will continue to actively grow. So, as early as last year, its volume is estimated at 259 million dollars. In 2018 it is expected to grow to 355 billion.

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