Belarus legalized cryptocurrency

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree "On the development of the digital economy," legalized cryptocurrency, mining and the use of technology blokcheyna state bodies of the country.

Belarus legalized cryptocurrency

According to the document approved by the government and the president in Belarus allowed to trade cryptocurrency natural persons, which are now legally can keep it, change to other cryptocurrency conventional money to buy, bequeath, donate and get any "coin". Thus he Mining impose taxes will not.

"Of course, life changes. We even at the beginning of the year could not talk about some sort of mining, and this new blokcheynah cryptocurrency. And today it is becoming a reality. Therefore, life and, of course, the regulatory framework will be changed ", - said on the occasion of the signing the President of Belarus.

For legal entities allowed to create and publish their own tokens in Belarus and abroad by residents of the High Technology Park, which is also called a local Silicon Valley. Legal entities will be able now to perform any operations with the digital assets through special services and exchanges.

In the spring, Alexander Lukashenko stated bluntly announced plans to develop the laws governing the production, exchange and sell cryptocurrency. In addition, he had great plans for the High-Tech Park, noting that Belarus plans to organize in the development of AI, to create the country's unmanned transport management system and actively develop activities kriptovalyutnyh investment funds.

"The President of Belarus has supported all the ideas and initiatives of the IT community. Decree before signing sometimes called revolutionary press. In fact, he really is. Belarus has really created some of the world's best conditions for the development of IT, high-tech as a whole business based on technology blokcheyn and more. Talk about a lot of the decree makes no sense - its provisions speak for themselves, "- shared his opinion of the head of the Administration of the Park Vsevolod Yanchevskii.

Technology Park have provided a number of different benefits and privileges to its residents by simplifying the procedure for settlement of electronic money, lowered taxes and was allowed to take on the work of foreigners without the prior approval of the regulatory authorities.

It is noted that while the full text of the decision was not made public, but its main provisions are made public.

Glad for Belarusians Lukashenka and the future of mining in the neighboring country may be in our cozy Telegram-chatik.