Japanese scientists have created "unkillable" glass

Perhaps one of the most common failures associated with smartphones, is cracked due to strong shock or drop screen. Engineers have many years of trying to solve this problem by developing more and more new protective covers and more durable glassy alloys, but to get rid of the appearance of cracks or scratches in the end still can not. Nevertheless, some hope to give a new development of Japanese scientists.

Japanese scientists have created

Takuzo Professor Aida and his team from the University of Tokyo to develop a new type of adhesive eventually developed a glassy alloy having the property of self-healing when putting pressure on him. The concept of glass having the property to recover, is not really new, but the development of Japanese scientists looks at the background of other real step forward. The material is based on synthetic polymers. To restore the entire glass structure based on it requires about six hours, but the reduction effect has been observed for a few minutes. Updated material is as strong as once was, and is able to withstand the load. Scientists believe that a similar effect is achieved due to the fact that the separated or polyurea polymer molecules tend to return to its original state.

Earlier development of self-healing glass showed the possibility of restoring a superficial and shallow scratches. The new material can also effectively be collected again after the complete destruction of its structure, e.g., at the turn. This feature, of course, could find use in a variety of practice areas. It is quite possible, and in the manufacture of glass panels for various electronics, including smartphones. However, Japanese scientists have not yet commented on whether it is possible and whether they plan to commercialize the material.