The extinction of the dinosaurs - just a coincidence

The fall of a meteorite on Earth 65 million years ago, caused the death of the dinosaurs, is nothing but a coincidence, the probability of which was extremely small. After all, if the crash site was in any other mass extinction of living things would not have happened. This conclusion was made by Japanese scientists from Tohoku University.

The extinction of the dinosaurs - just a coincidence

The results are published in the journal Scientific Reports. To date, the role of the meteorite in the extinction of huge dinosaurs virtually unchallenged. However, its role in the extinction of the dinosaurs and marine reptiles is still a matter of dispute: if an asteroid and called them ice age destroyed the ancient reptiles, then why not with them disappeared crocodiles, turtles and birds?

About a year ago, scientists Kunio Kaiho and Naga Oshima started to work out another theory: perhaps an asteroid fell on a huge layer of sedimentary rock containing a giant oil reserves. The fall of the celestial body has freed the oil and set it on fire, causing the atmosphere got a huge amount of soot and ash that caused the "asteroidal winter" and ubivshee all animals with a "fast" metabolism for survival which needed a lot of food and warmth. Other representatives of fauna survived. We found out that only 10% of the Earth corners contain sufficient oil reserves to produce approximately 250-500 million tons of ash and ash required to run long-term "nuclear winter" and the beginning of mass extinction.

"Dinosaurs are just unlucky. If the asteroid fell to virtually any other point on the planet, then it did not happen to any great or even small climate cooling. In fact, we can say that the fate of the dinosaurs has decided not to drop the asteroid, and the place where occurred this cataclysm. "

Based on the materials of RIA "Novosti"