The first flight of a private Japanese missile ended in failure

Takeoff rocket took place today from Baikonur, located on the island of Hokkaido, but specialists Interstellar Technologies, is launched, had to stop the test - the rocket engine "Momo" had to be stopped, so she just fell into the Pacific Ocean and sank.

The first flight of a private Japanese missile ended in failure

The engineers control the start and rocket flight, did not receive any information from her almost immediately after the start. Realizing that they can not control it, they decided to abort the first flight. Serious equipment on the rocket did not install, deciding for the first time to limit cameras and sensors that can help you keep track of "Momo" flight.

It was originally planned to launch a rocket to an altitude of 100 kilometers, and then drop it into the Pacific Ocean on a parachute.

Interstellar Technologies Company has been developing its own missiles in 1997. Height "Momo" was 8, 5 meters, weights 250 kg and a diameter - 0, 5 meters. With such modest performance booster is able to lift a weight of 20 kilograms to an altitude of 120 kilometers in ten minutes - so the missile can fly with full fuel tank. On the "Momo" was installed a small engine with liquid ethanol fuel, which should be enough to perform simple tasks, so the rocket will be used to launch micro-satellites - is the task put in front of developers in the future.

Now that the first flight of the rocket fails, Interstellar Technologies ambitious plans will have to be postponed. The estimated date of the new flight is not reported, and engineers are engaged in troubleshooting.

A similar fate befell the mini-rocket, created by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The launch took place in January 2017. Then, too, the rocket stopped responding operators and sank in the ocean.