"Rostec" install charging for electric vehicles on federal highways of the Russian Federation

State Corporation "Rostec" announces the start of the project "Elect" in which equips the federal highway "Don" and "Caucasus" stations "Micron Lightning", designed for charging electric vehicles. In total, the project will be installed 100 stations, some of which will be located in populated areas. The project cost is estimated at 1, 3 billion rubles.

demonstrator charging station has already been submitted to the local authorities in Krasnodar - there is the regional administration will be engaged in the project, together with PJSC "Rossetti" and JSC "Renault Russia."

According to project managers, "Elect" includes not only the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. In the framework of plans to launch an electric taxi service or rental of electric vehicles. For these problems at first going to purchase 500 electric vehicles Nissan and Renault.

Representatives of the state corporation noted that the charging stations are designed in Russia. Parts needed for their production, also produced most of its own. One of the features of the charging station "Micron Lightning" is quick charging cars - just half an hour the owner can charge the battery of his car by 80%. The first dozen fast zaryadok already appear this year. In addition, work is already underway on the creation and production plants "Fora-AS", intended for slow charging of two cars. Started production and station "Fora-DC", designed specifically for passenger electric buses.

Part of the "Rostec" KRET holding company can produce up to 1,000 charging stations in a month, so now it works is not at full strength, but is already preparing for the execution of the decree of the Prime Minister, who decided to equip the gas station special stations for electric charge.