Start the Chinese launch vehicle "Long March-5" ended in failure

The second flight of the new generation of Chinese carrier rocket "Long March-5" failed. Yesterday, a rocket launched from the Baikonur Venchan on its board was telecommunications satellite "Shitszyan-18", which she had to be put into orbit. Unfortunately, something went wrong. Forty minutes after the start of the Xinhua news agency and broadcaster CCTV reported that "the launch of considered a failure."

Start the Chinese launch vehicle

More China National Space Administration has not yet reported, channels also keep silent, so the exact reasons why the rocket could not perform its task, is not called. A brief press release says that the launch failed because suddenly emerged anomalies, so experts are busy identifying the causes of the crash. Press conference to be held immediately after the launch, has been canceled. Later CSTV television station published a short video of a failed missile launch from the launch pad.

Start the Chinese launch vehicle

It seems that information on the causes of the accident will be published later.

The first launch of heavy rocket "Long March-5" was held at the end of last year and passed without any problems, but the second something went wrong. The third start "Long March-5" is scheduled for the end of November. It should take place within the framework of the mission Chang'e-5, whose purpose - automatic descent device on the surface of the moon. There he must carry out soil sampling and bring him back to Earth.