"Yandex" has shown a prototype of its unmanned vehicle

A few months ago, the company "Yandex" has announced that it starts to develop an unmanned vehicle, and began to search for professionals in this field can help to implement the project. Yesterday, the Russian search giant introduced the first version of its unmanned cars and video demonstration posted on YouTube.

The head of the press center of "Yandex. Taxi "Vladimir Isayev said that the development of applied anonymized data that the company receives from those using" Yandex. Navigator "- this information is to better understand how the vehicle should behave in traffic jams, accidents, detours and road signs.

The first car prototype made to test the software on which specialists are working. The autopilot includes machine learning, using navigation, geo-location, and computer vision. In addition, in his work, he takes into account data from other applications and services, among which appear "Yandex. Maps "," Yandex. Navigation "and others.

If the work will take place according to the schedule, the experts are going to test unmanned vehicle on the road this year.