"Irkut 'has released the first flight instance of the MS-21

New Russian narrow-body aircraft MS-21 has left the assembly shop and is ready for testing. The representative of the corporation confirmed the RIA "Novosti" that the plane is fully assembled, and now experts are preparing it for the first flight. testing date has not yet been approved, but the tests will take place in the very near future.

The aircraft is designed for medium traffic. It is expected that the MS-21 will be able to compete with Boeing -737 and Airbus A320, but the operation will cost cheaper than other airplanes in its class. Specialists of "Irkut" argue that over the year the use of MS-21, the airline will be able to save up to three million dollars a year on each plane. Spaciousness liner will be from 150 to 211 passengers. The aircraft is equipped with modern onboard systems, includes the latest developments in the field of aviation and is equipped with a new type of engine. The design of this class of aircraft for the first time to use the composite wing. Over time, the MS-21 will replace the outdated Soviet planes.

The Corporation has received an order for 175 aircraft, currently under negotiation on the supply of more than one hundred cars. The first aircraft will receive airline "Aeroflot" - serial production of the aircraft will begin in late 2018.