In all engines, second and third-stage rockets "Proton-M" found marriage

All the engines for the second and third stages of carrier rockets "Proton-M" (in the amount of 71 pieces) were recalled to the Voronezh Mechanical Plant (VMZ), where they bulkhead will be made. They discovered a manufacturing defect. With reference to the general director of NPO "Energomash" Igor Arbuzov reported by the RIA "Novosti".

In all engines, second and third-stage rockets

"We are talking about almost all reserve on the second and third stages of the carrier rocket" Proton-M "," - said Arbuzov.

According to Arbuzov, the schedule of work has already been drawn up and signed. Performing bulk of the work will happen in 2017, and the delivery of the first engines to the removal of defects will begin in May.

"Currently signed schedule of work, much of which will be held in 2017, but we understand that some of the inevitable move for 2018. The main objective in this case - does not disrupt the schedule of launches under the Federal Space Program, starting in the interest of the Ministry of Defense and commercial launch. As regards engines for "union", it is required to provide the necessary foundation for compliance with the delivery schedule of new crews and cargo to the International Space Station ", - said the head of the NGO" Energomash "in an interview with news agency.

All defects RD-0210/0211 and RD-0213/0214, according to the chapter "Energomash" associated with the use of solder is not covered by the soldering technique operated jet heads. It is evident after firing tests. Arbuzov also noted that the violations were detected solder retention rules and pointed to the lack of control over the movement of materials in the enterprise in the production process. In addition, the shortage of the party one of the marks of solder was found.

"Group of comrades unanimously signed a write-off acts and did not delve into what happened to the desired solder decommissioned brand," - said Arbuzov. In this case, adding that "it was clear as early as 2015".

According to Arbuzov, the troubles could be avoided already at that time, but "negligent attitude at the" allowed "to go very far problem" and defective engines and continue to produce during 2015-2016.

On the problem began to speak only in January this year, when "Roskosmos" told about how he was going to withdraw all the engines of the second and third stages of carrier rockets "Proton-M". At that time, the newspaper "Kommersant" reported that the problems emerged in the framework of one of the test liquid engines of the second stage. It was found that in the assembly instead of materials with the use of precious metals used "non-liquid components," which are less heat-resistant. After the revocation of "Roscosmos" began an all-out inspection of quality of production made by the enterprises of the Russian space industry. And with this the state corporation attributed the delay launches of "Proton".

Moreover, revocation information confirmed VSW engine 11D55 (RD-0110). The reason for this decision was an accident rocket "Soyuz-U", which took place December 1, 2016. Recall that as a result of this accident was lost cargo spacecraft "Progress MS-04", was collected on the ISS cargo margin for the crew. "Roskosmos" reported that, according to the results of the investigation by the State Commission, the most probable cause of the accident is a decompression tank of the third stage carrier rocket "Soyuz-U" as a result of contact with the oxidant pump foreign particles during assembly.