Intel has bought technology manufacturer for unmanned vehicles

Intel bought Mobileye - Israeli company specializing in the production of chips for optical positioning systems for unmanned vehicles. The first of this transaction reported the Israeli news publication The Marker. A little later, on the signing of the agreement confirmed by both the parties involved. The acquisition price is 15, 3 billion dollars.

Intel has bought technology manufacturer for unmanned vehicles

More Intel and Mobileye united recently to work on a new unmanned platform BMW iNext, which the automaker plans to put into operation by 2021. The project was created 40 autonomous machines, which test the public roads in the US and Europe is scheduled to begin later this year.

The signing of the merger agreement was officially confirmed a few days ago and, according to Mobileye's management team, will have a very positive impact for their company. Previously, Intel announced that he was going for two years to invest 250 million dollars in the development of technologies for unmanned vehicles, but the deal at $ 15 billion Against this background, looks much more interesting.

"The acquisition of Mobileye allows us to team up with the world leader in technologies of computer vision systems and share them with Intel Xeon processors, and FPGA technology, memory 3D XPoint and 5G-modems", - says the executive director of the Intel Brian Krzhanich.

"This partnership will bring together in a single chain system of intelligent and" digital brain ", which actually would be to drive a car."

Mobileye for years engaged in the development of systems and microprocessors, allowing cars to travel on the roads in the automatic mode and warn the driver of a collision hazard. Initially Mobileye chips for its unmanned control systems used by companies the Tesla, but after a fatal incident in the past year with the participation of one of the Tesla Model S cars, the system is unable to distinguish literally cross the road truck and sky are behind him, the partnership was decided to stop.

Intel interest Mobileye can help it to compete against companies such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm. The latter also decided to invest their money in the market development of autonomous vehicles.