PlayStation VR headsets sales have surpassed expectations Sony

Virtual reality has divided the world in two. The first team entered the skeptics who do not believe in the success of new technology and predict her sad fate in the coming years, and the second command, on the other hand, believe in bright future in VR, and that one day virtual reality will be available to everyone. Personally, I consider myself to it and see the latest in VR huge potential. However, as it turned out, in the success of the venture not believe even the top manufacturers of VR-set.

PlayStation VR headsets sales have surpassed expectations Sony

In a recent interview with the New York Times president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House, responding to journalists' questions, the first time disclosed details of the PlayStation VR headset sales. Previously, Sony has not released this information, apparently believing that as long as nothing special to brag about. Unexpectedly, it turned out that the situation for the Japanese technology giant folds even better than expected. So, four months have passed since the start of sales, all around the world were sold 915,000 units (as of the 19th of February).

We should mention that Sony could sell much larger number of headsets, if she is allowed capacity. In many countries, there is still an acute shortage of PlayStation VR in stores. And the company's management understands that you need this to do something. Andrew House assured reporters that the situation should be changed by the beginning of April this year, and Sony is now actively expanding production PlayStation VR on their new plants.

"In Japan, we see a sad situation when people are lining up in long lines in front of shops, hearing that there was about to bring a new device batch" - described the House the situation in Japan, where he lives and works in the moment.

It was also found that the management of the Japanese company very carefully looked at the future of this technology, trying not to fall victim to excessive optimism. Analysts predicted Sony VR-headset 1 million boxes sold only by the middle of April (six months after the start of sales), but, as we can see, selling even a few ahead of schedule, and the mark of 1 million will be overcome sooner. Considering that the PlayStation 4 sold like hotcakes, it will offer PlayStation VR very broad audience of users.