"Yandex" The company started to develop its own autopilot

The Russian company "Yandex", apparently, is going to start to develop automatic driving systems. On the official site for several vacancies published. The company is looking for developer of unmanned vehicles and developer-researcher unmanned vehicles.

Yandex wants to make the movement of people a safe, affordable and convenient. We have set ourselves an ambitious goal: to be among the first companies in the world, created the technology for unmanned driving. To make this happen, we create a team of passionate, smart and dedicated professionals, - said at the vacancy page.

The developer will have to deal with sensors, activators and controllers of cars, create a simulator of the world and write machine control algorithms. Developer and researcher will compare the data from the cameras, lidar and radar. He will train the system to recognize traffic signs, traffic lights, markings and other cars. In addition, he will have to deal with simulation, planning and forecasting routes unmanned vehicle - this feature is useful machine to figure out all the options before carrying out maneuvers.

The project seems to have started recently, so no details concerning the future of the autopilot, the company's website is not reported. In any case, before the mass introduction of the automatic control programs is still far.