The British authorities offered "to surrender to law" drones owners

Not long ago, the Russian government made a proposal to begin to register drones that fall under certain parameters. As one of the options offered to glue on quadrocopter and other radio-controlled aerial unit specialized RFID-tags, which contain all the information about the owner and other information. The example of the Russian colleagues have decided to follow in the UK government.

The British authorities offered

Now lawmakers from the UK are considering the introduction of examinations for the future or the present owners of the drones. It is unclear whether it will be mandatory or voluntary, but most likely, sooner or later have to learn everything.

As for identifiers sensors in the UK has not yet come up with a scheme that will help to equip them all flying machines. The fact that the "brand" once all the drones is difficult. Occupation is troublesome, and how to get all the owners of such vehicles to come to registration - is not very clear. But we figured out how to protect the drones, other aircraft and people during the flight of drones: until the issue will be resolved with identifying and other difficulties, it is proposed to create a special application for smartphones, which will help to evaluate the flight zone quadrocopter. Before starting the user will be required to include the application and assess the possible risks associated with the flight of his drone. If the flight zone will show up any problems, it will warn the aircraft owner.

"Now the British government still many questions regarding the registration of the drones and the rules governing their flights - writes Engadget - so none of the aforementioned proposals to be worked out to the end and everything is under negotiation with the experts and discussion."