Physicists have proven that antimatter is the mirror image of normal matter

Scientists have found out the other day a very interesting thing about antimatter. According to all available information at this time, antimatter appears as an exact mirror copy of the most ordinary matter. But what does that even mean?

Physicists have proven that antimatter is the mirror image of normal matter

Theoretical physics tells us that every particle has an antiparticle. For example, a negatively charged electron has a positively charged positron and at every positively charged proton has a negatively charged antiproton. If the anti-particle meets its antithesis, that is a particle, then both are annihilated, releasing an enormous amount of energy, which immediately goes to the formation of new particles.

Antiparticles really exist. For example, the same positrons can occur in one of the types of radioactive decay. Land is often bombarded antiparticles arising outside the solar system with the fate of the cosmic radiation.

Under the same experiment, ALPHA (Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus) at CERN (laboratory with great circular charged particle accelerator length 26,659 meters, located in Geneva) are created and trapped particles Antihydrogen. At its core is a new level of antihydrogen for antimatter and is a bound state of an antiproton and a positron, similar to how an electron bound to a proton in ordinary hydrogen. In one run ALPHA scientists create and capture about 14 atoms Antihydrogen and blow their powerful laser. Antihydrogen atom absorbs laser light beam and produces a special "tinted" photon - a particle of the same beam, which would be "spit" ordinary hydrogen atom with a similar reaction.

According to the results, published recently in the journal Nature, physicists have been able for the first time to measure the spectral series of antihydrogen. According to Tim Tharp, a professor at the University of Marquette in Wisconsin (USA), took part in the ALPHA experiment, this discovery is very important for science, but, unfortunately, does not solve the existing problems.

"For a long time it was thought that antimatter is an accurate reflection of matter, and we finally got the evidence to prove it," - says Tharp.

Physicists have proven that antimatter is the mirror image of normal matter

"Spectral series of hydrogen is very diverse, so ALPHA scientists will have to tinker with in order to compare it with all the spectral lines of antihydrogen, but the first results are already encouraging," - continues to Tharp.

If in the end it turns out that matter and antimatter are in fact the exact mirror images of each other, it will make one of the biggest mysteries of the universe is even more difficult. The fact that the matter in the universe has more than antimatter. The main issue here is the scientists, why? By the way, it would be much easier to explain if matter and antimatter were less similar to each other.

If you are still worried about all those "playing God", conducted by scientists at CERN by colliding matter and antimatter, the Tharp hastens to reassure you:

"The amount of antimatter is not only involved in these experiments, but generally created in the history of mankind, is so small that it poses no danger to anyone."

The bomb out of it no one will, so you can not worry.