How to be in the absence of first-aid kits, fire extinguishers or warning triangle

How to be in the absence of first-aid kits, fire extinguishers or warning triangle


The inspector is required to show his sight all of the above. No matter where it happens, on the stationary traffic police post in the IAS dull country road. Act as follows:

- Have inspector present service ID, item 2.4 SDA (data lock it).

- urging him to name the item of traffic rules oblige to the desired presentation. Any references to the orders of the Ministry of Interior do not suit you, for the law for the driver - is the SDA.

- Remind the inspector of a valid pass MOT.

- the inspector said that when you leave, everything was in place, but if he wants to personally verify this - let of the vehicle inspection report and invite two witnesses. Only then can you open the trunk, where it all is.

If the inspector threatens screening protocol, ask him: "Inspector, what reason for car examination you provide as a good enough?". The lack of first aid kits in front of his eyes, is not a good reason. If the inspector will indicate this in the minutes, he stepped over the line of the law in Art. 19.1 of the Administrative Code "Arbitrary"

- To tell the inspector that his actions will you appeal by the prosecutor's office.

- If you honestly admitted their absence, then the punishment provided by Article 12.5 of the Administrative Code Part 1, is a warning or a fine of 100 rubles. In 10 days we send a complaint against the IDPS


In Chapter 2 the SDA "General duties of the driver" Nowhere does it say that on the oral request of the inspector, the driver must show a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and warning triangle. Such a requirement inspector may bring - only without MOT passed. Or to detect them in the absence of vehicle inspection. Other, legal, ways not.

Suddenly it happened that you became afraid of the kind of epaulettes inspector and you can honestly say that one of these things you do not. No need to talk incoherently, you are sure to buy them tomorrow. Inspector declares that all these items were used for its intended purpose 10 minutes ago. First aid kit given to the fallen rider, the sign given to the driver to a broken car and a fire extinguisher you have filled cast fire on the roadside, near a park. And now you're moving to a place of repair with the use of precautionary measures in accordance with regulations 2.3.1

If the inspector waving in front of you application to SDA with the headline: "The list of faults and the conditions under which prohibits operation of vehicles" and focuses on the word "Do not use" do not take literally the title. Just like the inspector harder to scare you. All possible cases of interdiction operation (stay) details are given either in section 13.1 of the book "The basis for the prohibition of use of the vehicle", or in art. 27.13 Part 2 of the Administrative Code. No other options there. These conditions and faults fall within the scope of Article 12.5 Part 1 of the Administrative Code. The penalty specified in article 12.5 of the Administrative Code Part 1, is a warning or a fine of 100 rubles. Have the inspector may warn you. If he drew up a report and then write: "In violation does not agree, there is no first aid kit for a reason, move to a place of repair with the use of all safety precautions, according to SDA 2.3.1. I require the assistance of a lawyer. ".

Ignore the words of the inspector, he was going to execute all alone and out 300 rubles. According to Article 50 of the Constitution. no one may be subjected to repeated punishment for the same violation.