First aid: if a person is choking

First aid: if a person is choking

Everything that goes into a person's throat or passes into the esophagus or the trachea (windpipe). And it depends on the position of the epiglottis, which may cover one of the two channels. If you talk or breathe heavily while eating a piece of food can slip into the trachea and to close the airway. The same thing happens with children who often take to the mouth small toys and parts. As a result, a person can lose consciousness in a minute, and five minutes to die from lack of oxygen.

Of course, in the human body has an excellent resistance mechanism such situations - cough. Coughing - this is the most effective way of removing foreign bodies from the airway. So if a man who choked, able to cough - the best thing you can do - is to tell him "quiet coughs!".

If the person is unable to cough (a foreign body is completely closed the trachea, and the air in the lungs is no longer sufficient) - The first thing to do - to tilt the person forward and down (or throw in the stomach through the knee, chair ...) and strongly clap open palm between the blades (toward the mouth). Remember, we need precisely guides the movement, not just cotton. In this case, the foreign body can move a little to the wide edge of the trachea, free passage for air and people will be able to cough again. If the cough resumes - stop clapping.

If the cough is not renewed - stand behind the man, grabbed his arms around his waist, grasp the fist of one hand the second hand, so to fist rested on his stomach. Place one leg between his victim's feet, and the other slightly behind. This will allow you to resist, if the victim loses consciousness. Several times with the power of the fist jerk out and up (under the diaphragm).

The point of this manipulation is that what you call a sharp increase in intra-abdominal pressure, which is transmitted to the diaphragm and lungs. In light always has a small amount of air which is not used for breathing and which is sufficient to remove the foreign object.

If the cough resumes - stop jerks.

If a person is unconscious and you can not hold him - put him on his back. Sit on top of the foot, place the base of the palm of one hand just above the navel, the second hand - at first. And work out with force pushes down and forward. E. The same thing, only in the supine position.

Keep doing tremors, cough has not yet resumed. CPR while closed airways - is useless.