Secret dining at Moscow airports

Secret dining at Moscow airports

Those who do not buy in Moscow airports bottle of water for $ 100? And about on food prices in general are not talking speech. Internet users shared their secrets of how cheap and filling meal at Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. Slightly confusing instructions, but it's worth it if you have to stay a long time at the airport, but hunger is not my aunt. Useful information for everyone who flies, save yourself!

1. Vnukovo

Remember path: enter the "B" terminal, if you stand back to the entrance to the far right there is a small corridor that leads into the next room (as I understand it is a terminal "D", the entrance to which is closed from the street), go through the corridor past empty storefronts and shops, climb the concrete stairs and find the dining room, the usual dining room, entrance to free, for a complete meal (soup, chicken / meat with vegetables, salad and juice) 200-250 rubles, the price is more than worthy for the airport.

2. Domodedovo

If we go by the Birch alley (it's understudy main international highway passes on the left side when standing back to the train station), then for the car parks have a hangar. 800 meters on foot. It has a cafe and a dining room for ATB. 200 rubles obeshsya.

3. Sheremetyevo

The dining room is located at Sheremetyevo Terminal F (Sheremetyevo old international terminal). If you are standing with your back to the entrance and face-to-board, the left and right of you are the elevators. We need those on your left. Dining room as well as other relatively inexpensive restaurant is located on the 4th floor. When you enter the elevator, do not be surprised that the 4 floor is not - just click on the 5th floor and go. When you arrive on the 5th floor directly across from the elevator you should see Sheremetyevo Museum (which means you are on the right way), to your left is a ladder by her need to go down to the 1st floor Further to the left - a restaurant with a view of the airfield, and the right - the same room.

In the dining room just like in the old Soviet days - take a tray and reechkam you go and put on him all you want to eat. Choice there was a fairly large - about 8 kinds of salads that nice girls applied to disposable plates, weighed and cling sticker with weight, several soups, several kinds of meat (from what I would know the meat is a famous French, meatballs, chicken Kiev something stuffed), served with potatoes has several kinds, vegetables, juices, water, fruit compote (true !!!), bread.

Supplement: Works button 4 floors. It called "corporate dining Aerope". And next to them the same restaurant "5 Ocean" from his airfield just seen. Previously, the entire 4th floor was the dining room and the 5th (which is now a museum) - the entire restaurant. But then D and E terminals there was no traffic and there was a hoo. The staff, by the way, the table is even cheaper - 40% discount for dinner so go with familiar staff.