During the descent of St. Andrew's flag deprived of offspring

During the descent of St. Andrew's flag deprived of offspring

The pride of Russian sailors.

We are all aware of the courage and heroism of Russian sailors. But as they say, every family has ... We wondered, how many times in the history of the Russian fleet of the enemy was let down St. Andrew's flag and how to punish those who did this?

Ship charter Peter I, Andrew instructing protect flag to the last drop of blood, observed faithfully. In the entire history of the Russian fleet voluntarily flag was hauled down only twice.

May 11, 1829 the commander of Russian frigate "Raphael" Captain 2nd Rank Stroynikov Simon pulled the flag in front of the Turkish squadron of 15 ships, trying to save the lives of the crew.

Nominal decree of Emperor Nicholas I was ordered to the frigate disgraced himself when released into Russian hands burn. It happened only 24 years later in the Battle of Sinop, however, the emperor's will was done - "Raphael", held in the Turkish Navy, burned, and this name is never used more for Russian ships. As for the captain Stroinikova, then on his return from captivity, he was deprived of all the awards and titles and demoted to ordinary sailors. Moreover, Stroinikova was forbidden to marry, "so as not to have Russian progeny coward and a traitor." The paradox, however, lies in the fact that the disgraced captain was already by the time the two sons, and they both rear admiral of the Russian navy later became.

The second time flags on the Russian ships were launched in 1905, after the Battle of Tsushima, on the orders of Rear Admiral Nebogatov, who sought to save the lives of the remaining sailors and officers.

In August 1905, for this act, he was deprived of his rank, and then put on trial, who in December 1906 sentenced rear admiral to death, commuted to 10 years imprisonment in a fortress. Nebogatov served 25 months, after which he was pardoned.