The authors of anonymous telegrams channels started to look for a "landing"?

The authors of anonymous telegrams channels started to look for a

According to the authors of insider news channel Telegram "SMI_li", in relation to a number of administrators Telegram channels allegedly conducted "adjusting event" for the invitation to an interview survey at MIA CPE.

The authors report that police officers at the center of the fight against extremism allegedly planning to "just" to have discussions about compliance with telegrams channels of the RF legislation.

Also surprised that this concerned not FSB, experts have called the topic "conversations" - a "lack of action with offenses under Articles 148 of the Criminal Code and 282". Recall that these items are already considered "cult" in RuNet on them and put on trial for users of "extremism" and "insulting the feelings of believers" - the courts in various cases prescribed by a conditional sentence to 2-7 years in prison.

Add that administrators channel SMI_li not reported, involved whether such invitation of the Regional Centers of the Ministry of Interior or the Federal CPE. In this case, sources in the Interior Ministry leadership Safetymoscow could not confirm or deny the information.

The appearance of such news reacted popular Telegram channel owners and managers of "One like this" - previously summoned to the FSB. Previously, channel administrators wrote that one of them "just now was summoned to the local FSB department on" clarifying conversation "about the couple of our last year's posts, while the second" just call "from the same place."

"One of our sponsors, go to talk to the security officer of the FSB, said:" What particularly angered their post, it is not clear Asked about our posts about Navalny rallies this year "- quoted by the media Administrator's response about the situation with a call to the FSB.. Now Telegram channel managers note that their revision "was the beginning of the trend to the invitation to silovikam the end of July." However, they believe "the identity of all the authors Telegram-channels," who need "the FSB / Ministry of Internal Affairs, has established, with long-established".

"Obviously, this activity is also associated with the beginning of propihivaniya pension reform - and with it the imminent start of the protests, in an appeal to which all or suspect" - suggests they are.

"CPE was just a very logical in this situation." Carpet bombing "like to do it, they be more precise, this is the standard." Police "approach, which is where the standard is practiced: to interview all the neighbors, make a list of all" potentially strange "in an accountable territory. including a boy with a mohawk raspberry corner of the entrance number five house Although what the boy did, except for drinking beer at the playground.? "- ironically channel authors" all-seeing eye. "

We add that anonymous telegrams channels have found themselves in the crosshairs of attention of the authorities, including the Central Bank and the Kremlin. Since the source, close to the presidential administration, said - "now all the big anonymous channels Telegram deanonimizirovany, all the grids are known." To confirm his words, a Kremlin source revealed to reporters, "the channel list and the names of those who believe in the AP by their authors." It is noted that there are "journalists, political scientists, as well as many people from the pro-Kremlin movement" among the anonymous author of Telegram channels. "Indeed, there is a" sign "- which contains the names of the names of the administrators of the largest and most influential Telegram channels Its made in the Kremlin, where the channels too." Naughty "and began to engage the stuffing affecting the economic security of the state - for example," cut " big banks ", - said Safetymoscow spin doctor, who wished to remain anonymous. "It is made on the case will be perestuplyu" red line "- when, instead of their intellectual game in the insides and dirt in a" sandbox "Telegram channels begin to seriously threaten the national security."

He also cited two "case" - the first of which occurred when telegrams channels were frankly fictional stuffing on major oil corporations. Thereafter Telegram channels siloviki published correspondence with the administrators anonmnyh political channels, which for a small penny were ready to place absolutely fantastic "stuffing" about the above-mentioned company. The second "case" happened recently - in his course were deanonimizirovany Telegram channels mos_news and "Kremlin mamkoved" distinguished deliberately tough rhetoric against the federal and Moscow authorities.

Also anonymous Telegram-channels have already attracted the attention of the Central Bank - in particular, "Vedomosti" published a commentary deputy head of the General Directorate of Security and Information Protection of the Central Bank of Artyom Sychev - he explained that "the financial regulator has already recorded about ten information attacks on banks through the Telegram-channels" and He added - the authors are looking for. Coma, the publication in the telegrams have become the reason for opening a criminal case and arrest "telegramera". So before the court of Vladivostok initially sent to jail, and then extended the arrest of Dmitry Tretyakov. He was detained for the repost to open Telegram-fasting group notorious fugitive and drinking journalist Babchenko - he wrote in his channel is "right" to carry out actions of Navalny (briefly - turn them into Independence). Now Tretyakov accused of public appeals to extremism.

"In the foreseeable future," began to play several administrators Anonymous Telegram channels will cease to be anonymous and free "- in the spring of 2018, wrote telegrams popular channels.

However, even before aggregator telegram "Sentry" reported that "in respect of at least two administrators anonymous political telegrams channels conducted operational-search activities". Its administrators explained that "will be filed two cases at 282 and one at h. 3 of Art. 212 of the Criminal Code, there may be searches and detentions." "This is not the last" - they warn.

In this edition Telegram-channel "Sentry" said the deanonimizatsiya does not matter if you are ready to answer for writing, including the investigators or the court.

"Does it really matter who is the conditional" Manuals "or" Guard "," Nezygarya "," Media Technology "," Mouse in a vegetable "or" 338 "if you come to them for content and feeding it. The name, title administrator or channel picture change this attitude - if it happened is that deanonimizatsiya dangerous when the authors are afraid or unable to "answer for his words," published in the channel? ", - the authors believe the channel" Sentry ". "Retelling meme, in a short time can be equated to repost You understand that it is exactly the same as landing on the bottle for political jokes at the Union Ofiget.?!" - the authors of the Telegram-channel "Media Technology".

They ironic as it may seem. "It was a bear in the woods saw the car burning, I got into it, and (Article 110 of the Criminal Code - incitement to suicide). Magnifier received for Pupu and Navel received (article 159 for fraud in a large scale) Flying a German, an Englishman and a Russian in. plane and Russian it says (Article 282 of the Criminal Code - incitement of ethnic hatred). "

We hope that this will not happen.