The real story of the "Soviet Terminator" of the Red Army

The real story of the

Monstrous for fascists event took place July 13, 1941 in the vicinity of the town of fox - below is an excerpt from the order of awarding:

"July 13, 1941 from the area of ​​Arctic Fox, Red Army Ovcharenko was carrying ammunition for the third pulroty being from his unit 4-5 kilometers. In the same area on the Red Army attacked and surrounded the two cars of 50 German soldiers and 3 officers.

Out of the car German officer ordered the Red Army to raise their hands up, knocked the rifle out of his hands and began to commit his interrogations.

In the Red Army Ovcharenko in the wagon lay the ax. Taking the ax, he beheaded the Red Army to the German officer, threw three grenades near parked cars. 21 German soldiers had been killed, the rest fled in panic. Following the wounded officer, Ovcharenko with an ax in his hand and followed him in the garden m. The Arctic fox, caught him and cut off his head. Third officer managed to escape.

Tov. Ovcharenko was not taken aback, took all killed documents at the map of officers, boards, circuit, recording, and gave them to the regimental headquarters. Carriage of ammunition and products delivered on time his company ... "

Ovcharenko Dmitry Romanovich - riding machine-gun company 389 th Infantry Regiment 176 th Infantry Division of the 9th Army of the Southern Front, the Red Army. Born in 1919 in the village of Ovcharovo now Trinity district of Lugansk region of Ukraine in a peasant family. Ukrainian. He graduated from the 5 classes. He worked on the farm. In the Red Army in 1939. Member of the Great Patriotic War in 1941. July 13, 1941 for delivery of ammunition in a company of a fearless warrior came into the fight with a group of Nazis. Demonstrating courage and resourcefulness, he grenades and melee destroyed more than twenty enemy soldiers and officers. Ammunition were delivered to a company in a timely manner.

Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from November 9, 1941 for the exemplary performance of command assignments at the front of the struggle against the Nazi invaders and for displaying courage and heroism of the Red Army Ovcharenko Dmitry Romanovich was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" .

I was not able to live up to the brave fighter light Victory Day ... In the battles for the liberation of Hungary DR Ovcharenko was mortally wounded. He died in hospital from his wounds 28 January 1945.