These facts about the Moscow metro, you just do not know!

These facts about the Moscow metro, you just do not know!

1. In the Moscow metro stations curved 6: Alexandrovsky Garden, Kutuzov, Zyablikovo, Pyatnitskaya highway, their curvature is visible to the naked eye, as well as exhibition and international, which have a slightly smaller curvature. And Kutuzov, moreover, that the curve, so more and hunchbacked - it tracks the maximum slope.

2. Of all the "big" subway lines, Violet Metro - the only one that takes place only on one bank of the Moscow River.

3. Prior to the 90s in the metro were urns. They were removed as measures to protect against terrorism.

4. Cleaners metro stations are used for cleaning wet sawdust, because they are well collect dirt and dust.

5. Near the metro Student, International, Myakinino, Sport, Sparrow Hills and Kuznetsky Most no stops of public transport (meaning only routes Mosgortrans PMU).

6. The very favorite smell of the subway - it's the smell of dark viscous substance called creosote, which is obtained from petroleum. They treated wooden sleepers, thus preventing rot.

7. The station ENEA best represents the transition from Stalin to Khrushchev luxury economy. Rather unusual look beautiful golden chandelier in the background arches, painted a simple green paint. 8. Station Southwest was built in 1963 with a strong advance, virtually in the open field. The first house next to the station there was only three years later.

9. Station Bibirevo located much closer to the area Altufievskoe than Altufievo station.

10. The stations Lenin Square, Exhibition Center and Street Podbelskogo lost their place names on the surface. Lenin Square renamed the area Rogozhskaya Zastava, ENEA was the VVC and Podbelskogo street renamed in Ivanteevka.

11. At the station, the Roman name of the station says most times - 22. In contrast to her Vyhino - there at the station no one signs with the name.

12. Nearby Dubrovka Kozhuhovskaya station and have the depth of 12 m and 62 respectively. But this does not mean that the tunnel goes up dramatically, like a rollercoaster. The terrain itself dramatically "down" from the upland watershed to the floodplain of the Moscow River.

13. Arbatsko Pokrovskaya three open line section lines at different locations, and three stations with 'platform on the right "(Myakinino, Kuntsevskaya and Victory Park).