Anti-materiel rifle OC-44

Anti-materiel rifle OC-44

anti-materiel rifle in recent years is the most popular weapon among the townsfolk. Everything in it - and a fairly large range of fire and powerful ammunition, ready to pull out pieces of meat from the body of the enemy, there is only one clear all negative - the volume of the shot. Of course, this is not a problem of large-caliber sniper weapons, but it is something that catches the eye in the first place and to solve this problem and are working actively not only designers potential enemy, but also domestic gunsmiths.

So, already known to all the samples on the basis of SP-5CP-6 cartridges, PUB and larger caliber 12, 7, but with a short sleeve. All samples of such weapons are interesting, but since they are based on the ammunition with subsonic bullet speed, accurate shooting of them - a real art, as a heavy bullet with a relatively low speed can recount what gravitation. Hence, not the greatest range of application of such weapons. Naturally, the attempt to create a silent weapon with a high-grade large-caliber ammunition were there, but in most cases these patterns look so that it would be desirable to take up the head, as noiseless firing device for such weapons is really huge. Domestic same gunsmiths decided not zatsiklavatsya at maximum quietness weapons wisely judging that it is technically difficult to implement, but almost just is not necessary. Given the fact that the bullet itself full of ammunition 12 7h108 clearly subsonic and distance use of such weapons crosses over one thousand meters, the domestic designer Bondarev thought it would be enough to reduce the sound of a gunshot to the level of sound of a shot from the SVD and began to develop a planned sample . Naturally, the designer wanted to create the most easy to use sample, because a lot of attention was paid to reducing the size and weight of the weapon. For this reason, the rifle was designed in the bullpup layout, and a silencer device has been installed in the same manner as in such samples as the BCC and the AU, that is almost completely covers the barrel of the weapon. Thus was born sniper rifle OC-44. rifle length is only 1070 mm, while the weight is 14 kilograms, slightly taking into account the fact that the weapon has the weight of the instrument silencer.

Anti-materiel rifle OC-44

It is natural that the presence of the device silencer would not affect the effective range of weapons, which is equal to 1200 meters, the initial velocity of the bullet is 800 meters per second. Not the least impact on the effective range and had what the designer used a rather unusual option recharge weapons. So, instead of moving the bolt action rifle in the charge exchange, the arrows move the gun barrel. It made it back to the same in order to reduce the dimensions of the rifle. It is difficult to evaluate this decision, on the one hand the dimensions of weapons are really serious cut, on the other hand a significant impact on the accuracy is sufficient, so there looking from what party to look at the issue. In my humble opinion, for originality should put a plus, but for practicality minus.

The weapon is equipped with a folding adjustable bipod, fixed to the receiver. The butt has a butt plate and cushioning stop for the needle cheek. In general, the weapon looks quite interesting and unusual, and immediately attracted attention. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the weapon is not widely used because of their specificity, concrete results could not be found shooting from it, well, at least from trusted sources. Students, however, which for some reason allowed on the Internet, almost every one person familiar with the weapon so that the information on the sample should be treated with caution. One of the most interesting aspects of this sniper rifle is that, according to the developer, designed as alternative weapons for cartridges of caliber 14, 5 mm, but nothing about this specimen is unknown and is likely to work on it will no longer be brought to an end although all can be. While it would be really interesting to see such a monster as this cartridge, I think, in vain sidestep it in a large-caliber sniper rifles. In general, as usual, waiting for word of those who actually used this weapon. And if it does meet the stated specifications, then we wait and greater spread of the large-caliber sniper rifle.

Caliber, mm: 12.7h108

Length mm 1070

Weight unloaded, kg: 14.0

Muzzle velocity, m / s 800

Magazine capacity count. cartridges 8

Effective range, m: 1200