Why in Vermont (USA) charge a special tax on unarmed

Why in Vermont (USA) charge a special tax on unarmed

In the United States this state is a dream - Vermont. This state does not require any special permits for firearms and wearing it (hidden or open). At the same time, Vermont traditionally occupies the top three safest states in the US. This state with one of the lowest rates of murders, robberies, assaults and rapes per capita.

Thus, the representative of the state of Vermont Fred Maslak as a true fan of the US Constitution and Second Amendment proposed register of those who do not possess weapons and to oblige them to pay state tax in the amount of $ 500.

Thus, Washington imposes a tax on a special kind of luxury - a luxury on the right to impose its security on the shoulders of others. And all because of some symbolic $ 500. That is the price Mr. Maslak said logical for the privilege not to use arms in Vermont.

Fred Maslak firmly believe that the Second Amendment does not only imply the right to conscientious citizen to participate in the armed militia, but is its direct duty, t. To. Armed citizens are a direct counterweight to crime and criminal dictatorship and since the power monopoly of the government is only possible with the disarmament citizens. Vermont citizens must be prepared to protect themselves and their staff against any emerging threat. And those who are not ready to protect its staff - have to pay for it.

According to the law, all adults who do not possess a weapon must be registered, as the authorities have the right to know which of the citizens are not prepared to defend the state, said Maslak. And this despite the fact that Vermont and as one of the US armed state and only, which do not require a permit for concealed carry weapons.

The logic of the bill is quite simple - the people without weapons require more protection from the security forces. And, accordingly, have to pay more taxes for this protection.

Cyril Benedictine