Romantic, Greuze sky

Romantic, Greuze sky

That's talking about Eugene Dolgin his friends. It's heaven for him flung open his arms and never let go ... back to July 8 at a combat mission Derpt and his colleague Ryafagat Habibullin killed in Syria.

with the dream of the sky

Eugene was born in January 1992. And while the other boys were playing with cars, Eugene lifted up his head and looked enviously at the sky on a plane flying past, leaving a long trail of snow white silk in azure sky. This love of flying machines from his father. Victor graduated from Dolgin Syzranskoe vysshee Military Aviation School, participated in the Chechen campaign.

- One day he had a little son into the cabin of the helicopter - the relatives remember. - Since then, Eugene fell in love with helicopters and firmly decided: I will fly! And he did his best to fulfill the cherished Meta.

A few years ago, he graduated from the same school as his father, and that Ryafagat Khabibullin, with whom Eugene went to the last flight.


Jack was a romantic. He dreamed and fairy tale did the lives of others. For example, for Katie. With his future wife he met in the Island. Eugene rented an apartment in Katya's parents.

- I came over receipts ... - she recalls. - Eugene conquered me that was real.

She - a thin, fragile, almost transparent girl student of Petrozavodsk State Conservatory. But the nature of her iron match for Eugene. It's no joke, a few years remain chairman of the trade union organization Conservatory. He at that time was already a lieutenant Aviation Brigade Army, stationed at the airfield Veretye. And in uniform Eugene came to Catherine on the diploma. I asked for permission to take the stage. He congratulated his beauty with the end of high school. And then all of a sudden dropped to one knee.

In September 2015 they were married. The wedding played in the Island. Sun, flowers. And happy Eugene and Katya.- sat a whole room of people, graduates, parents - Catherine recalls. - And then there's a suggestion ...

He continued to serve, she took a job in the Pskov Regional College of Art. And this year, Kate received a law degree, graduating from St. Petersburg Institute of Law and Entrepreneurship. Life had just begun.

He was a kind, sympathetic, honest. When the turmoil in Syria, - says the young wife - looking at how some leave from their jobs, not to go to war, he never let anyone condemn. He said he could not, they say, I want to fly, it's my job, so in early June, went to the East. I asked him: "Jen, you're not afraid?" And he replied: "Why be afraid? This is my profession, I learned it. "

He called on every occasion. However, this case does not fall out frequently.

The last time a call July 8 at six o'clock - mother has reported that everything is fine. And three hours later he was gone ...