As Dmitry Sholokhov knocked out 25 tanks in one battle

As Dmitry Sholokhov knocked out 25 tanks in one battle

Traditionally, the champion of the destruction of German tanks in one battle is Zinovy ​​Kolobanov, destroyed August 20, 1941 in the battle of Leningrad Voyskovitskom 22 enemy tanks. However, there is a man, surpassed this achievement. This man - Dmitry Sholokhov.

In 1939 Dmitry Sholokhov graduated from the Saratov Tank School. During the war with Finland in 1939-1940 Second Lieutenant Sholokhov participated in the battles on the Karelian Isthmus. However, the feat senior lieutenant Dmitry Sholokhov made in the South-Western Front, where he was a platoon commander in the 158th Tank Brigade 13th Tank Corps 21st Army.

On that day, June 30, 1942, going on the offensive from the area Volchansk, 6th Army Paulus broke through the defenses at the junction of our 21 th and 28 th Army. Eliminate breakthrough had 176 Panzer Brigade, but its arrival is expected only in the evening. The only unit that was able to allocate to cover the breakout area, turned out to be a platoon under the command of Dmitry Sholokhov. In addition to his tank platoon sergeants were also machines Sergeyev and Kalinin. No one would believe that the number of German tanks, going on the squad, will be 150 cars.

However, the squad Dmitry Sholokhov joined the battle against overwhelming odds. Our tanker helped terrain - German tanks could only move at the bottom of the hollow, abutting the village in the extreme Nestornoe Kharkov region near the border with the north-east of the RSFSR. Sitting comfortably behind the barn on the outskirts of the village, our tanks began firing at the enemy column. Maneuvering and changing position, they gave the impression of the presence of large forces. Sergeeva tanks and Kalinin was able to knock out two German tanks. Another car knocked out in the beginning of the battle tank Sholokhov. Deciding that the forehead in their village does not break, the Germans decided to bypass the positions of our tank in the rear. By the time the tank Kalinin has died along with his crew, and Sergeeva tank badly damaged. The fact that the yard was already the year 1942, and the Germans got cumulative projectiles. Therefore, our tanks even on the KV-1 could destroy dozens of tanks in open battle, as forbidding as it did Kolobanov and less productive colleagues in the forty-first, when the Germans armor KV-1 was simply nothing to break.

Most sources say that Sholokhov and his comrades fought on the KV-1, but one of the few pictures, however, the winter time, Dmitry Sholokhov depicted on the background of the tank T-34-76, issued, according to the two hatches already, in 1942 year.

Germans began to get Nestornoe for even more narrow ravine, where the tanks could only move in one column. This maneuver, the Germans had been waiting for Dmitry Sholokhov, in advance to take a position at the outlet of the trough.

Once above the tank on the side out of the ravine, Dmitry Sholokhov could beat on the first of them directly on the roof. The Germans could not screw up the barrels of the guns at such an angle that the tank Sholokhov was in their kill zone.

Using this fact, Dmitry Sholokhov destroyed 24 tanks in a row. Thus, considering the tank, lined at the beginning of the fight, Sholokhov that day destroyed 25 German tanks. However, in the premium list, signed in the fall, were listed only the best 24 tanks, lined with the second phase of the battle, and the tank, lined at the beginning, I was not considered. After the war the same time there was even a funny thing - when describing this feat in the literature began to write that Dmitry Sholokhov knocked out eight cars. Probably learn that Sholokhov began to fight with his platoon, we decided to divide the number of destroyed tanks on three. Even so written: "Finding an enemy tank column, tankers unexpected and accurate fire from the ambush destroyed 24 enemy tanks. Eight of them set fire to the crew Sholokhov ". But if Sholokhov destroyed eight tanks, the other two crew were also set fire to eight cars, and then the title of Hero had to represent not only Sholokhov, but Sergeyev Kalinin.

If the last two tanks set fire to an unequal number of German tanks, then one of them had to destroy more than eight, surpassing the result of Sholokhov. Because of this error, the post-war publicists now about Dmitry Sholokhov few people know and confuses it with modern designer. Meanwhile, in the fourth issue of "Spark" Photo by Dmitry Sholokhov, under which was published for the year 1943 it stated that he was knocked out 25 tanks.

In the evening arrived, 176th Brigade, and a break was eliminated. Sholokhov tank was sent to another location in the village of Wolf Aleksandrovka, which destroyed 10 trucks with infantry, killing with about a hundred Germans.

Continuing bravely fight the enemy, Dmitry Sholokhov summer of 1942 he was appointed Assistant Chief of Staff of the 158th Tank Regiment for operations, the participant of the Stalingrad Battle. Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from December 2, 1942 lieutenant Shostakovich Sholokhov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star". Since March 1943 Sholokhov became deputy chief of staff of the 36th Guards Tank Brigade of the 4th Guards Mechanized Corps of the Southern Front, and soon after he was removed from the front and was sent to study at the academy. In December 1945, Dmitry Sholokhov graduated from the Military Academy of armored and mechanized forces of the Red Army named Stalin after that until the 1976 he served in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff, where even received the Order of the Red Star for some so far in 1975 since covert operations. Dmitry Sholokhov died June 27, 1983.