How to increase the amount of light

How to increase the amount of light

For many sports and tourism is important large lung capacity. There are ways to increase the size of your lungs and the efficiency with which they absorb oxygen, several times.

If you've ever wondered how to increase lung capacity, then here it is the answer! Just practice these exercises every day, and you will notice an increase in the capacity of your lungs.

Exercises to increase lung volume

Breathe deeply

Practice deep breathing is needed in order to increase the ability of your lungs to take in more air in them.

Exhale completely, leaving no air in the lungs. This allows more oxygen-enriched air to do with your next breath. Count aloud. If you can no longer count out loud, your lungs are empty.

Allow your diaphragm goes down, keeping the abdominal muscles relaxed. The abdomen will expand as the diaphragm sinking, it gives more room light, allowing them to be filled with air more.

Breathe in a jiffy, and exhale - three. Maintain this ratio is constant.

offer resistance

Breathe normally through the nose. Take a few deep breaths. Exhale through your mouth, just a little disconnecting lips. Open them slightly so that a little air could come up with resistance. Try to do it as often as possible, so that the lungs are used to having to hold air. Thus, they will increase. Another way to achieve the same effekta- inflate balloons.

Exercises in water

Engage in water. Immerse yourself to the neck, and do breathing exercises while you are in the water. Due to the pressure exerted on you water, the lungs are compressed. Breath should be short and quick.

Studies show that respiratory capacity will be reduced to 75% during this time, and your body will try to compensate for this. If your exercises in the water lasted long enough, and you do it regularly, your respiratory system will adapt by increasing lung capacity.

Breathing through a tube

Take a piece of tube with a sufficiently small diameter to fit into the mouth, without damaging the jaw. It is necessary that it will make you open your mouth wide. It should not be long.

Put a pipe in his mouth (make sure it is clean). Breathe mouth. Do it carefully, though, because if you breathe too fast, start dizziness. Do this for some time every day, and you will soon realize that you can breathe in longer and longer without bringing himself to dizziness. If you do this often enough, you will be able to make a very deep, full breath. It works because your body becomes better able to obtain more oxygen with each breath, because obviously you do not breathe, as if yawning all the time.


Aerobics, cycling, running, swimming - all this relates to cardiovascular stress. Swimming is considered the best sport to improve the cardiovascular system. At its peak, the lungs of swimmers use oxygen is three times more efficient than the average person.

And finally, advice - stay away from any kind of smoking, stop smoking and avoid places where you can become a passive smoker.